Entire portions of the ‘Fortnite’ map are now being removed by aliens

Ahead of Ariana Grande’s giant alien-infused gig this weekend, the mothership that’s been on the Fortnite map since the season launched is now a little… hungry.

The ship is now starting to remove not only individual players, who previously could bounce inside the mothership for a fun little mini-game during matches, but now entire POIs on the map.

Right now, it starts with Slurpy Swamp, and now you can head to the abduction area which is eaten alive and slowly sucked into the belly of the ship.

The entire area is now a low gravity area, which means your jumps now go 5 times higher, and pieces of the map start to float through the air towards the ship. You can still loot it like a normal area, and there aren’t a lot of enemy troops around, but yes, the geometry has definitely changed.

It’s a cool effect, and it looks like it will keep changing over the hours and days. Not sure if it’ll just be a hole in the ground once the removal is complete, but it’s cool to visit now and see some interesting effects like SLURP being sucked into the air as it pours out pipes. The little details really make the scene.

I’m not sure how many areas in total are going to be removed by the time this is said and done, but I remember hearing that the Coral Castle is another area that is going to be sucked as well, so maybe this is is after this one. I’m guessing this process will probably be over by the time Ariana’s gig begins, so it might start to pick up speed pretty quickly.

It’s going to be a cool event whether it’s related to the Rift Tour or not, with a slow change of the map paving the way for these areas to be replaced with something else in the future. Why is the mothership collecting areas? (there are already a number of elders in the interior that he clearly took from other parallel islands). It’s not clear, but it’s the most engaged scenario I’ve been in for quite some time now. Keep an eye out for these areas as they start to lurk, and we’ll have to see how it all culminates with the Rift Tour on Friday.

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