Epic donates two weeks of Fortnite proceeds to Ukrainian aid

A new season of fortnite launches today, and developer Epic will donate all of its first two weeks’ profits to humanitarian efforts related to Ukraine. The action will run from March 20 through April 3 and will include all in-game “real money purchases,” which means purchased V-bucks, subscriptions, gifted battle passes, and select cosmetic packs. (Epic notes that “the use of V-Bucks in fortnite will not be included as these are not real money purchases.) It will also include retail gift card purchases as long as they are redeemed during the two week window.

As part of this effort, Microsoft will also “commit its net proceeds to fortnite during this period, so that we can provide more assistance to the Ukrainian people. The funds will be donated to a few different organizations, including Direct Relief, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the World Food Programme. The developer says it will add more supported organizations “in the coming weeks.”

Epic says it will send funds to these organizations as “quickly as possible”. We do not wait for actual funds to arrive from our platform and payment partners, which may take some time depending on how the transaction was processed. As transactions are reported, we register them and send the funds to aid organizations within days.

The news comes as other gambling-related efforts have successfully raised millions of dollars for humanitarian aid following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A bundle of indie games on Itch.io raised over $6 million earlier this month, and a Ukraine-focused Humble Bundle has already topped $9 million.

The new season of fortnite begins later today and follows a dramatic event that kicked off a whole new chapter last December.