Every theory suggesting Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto take place on the same timeline

Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto are arguably the most popular and defining franchises under the Rockstar name. With both franchises strictly adhering to the third-person, open-world Rockstar formula, the games are inherently similar in many ways.

However, putting aside the core gameplay, there’s one element of both massively popular series that has always fascinated fans and sparked plenty of discussion and theories over the years. Although taking place at different times, it is very plausible that Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto actually share a timeline, and there’s plenty of evidence to support the theories that suggest this.


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Grand Theft Auto 5: The Jack Marston Book

One of the most direct and overt theories linking the two red death and Grand Theft Auto comes with mad success Auto grand theft 5. Throughout the game, there’s a book that can be found on various shelves in many places that conveys an extremely clear connection between the two franchises.

The book is titled “Red Dead”, with authorship given to a J. Marston. Of course, many may assume this is a throwaway reference to John Marston, the iconic protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption, however, the theory developed by fans is slightly more complex. Within the red death franchise, John has a son named Jack, with the theory attributing paternity to Jack, who may have written a book about growing up in the Van Der Linde gang, as well as his father’s exploits.

At a time red death and its sequel, Jack is shown to be an avid learner and an avid reader with a passion for writing, lending even more credence to the theory that he wrote the book in question. With the theory suggesting that this book has become a staple of Old West literature, it’s clear to see why this theory is so popular.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The Epsilon Program

A memorable subplot in the story of Auto grand theft 5 concerned The Epsilon Program, a very influential and solidly established religious cult within the GTA universe, who strongly believe in supernatural and extraterrestrial life. Thanks to the “Geology for Beginners” mission in Red Dead Redemption 2a theory that suggests the Epsilon program exists between the two games has been developed.

The sub-story in question involves an eccentric man named Francis Sinclair, who tasks Arthur Morgan with collecting a series of rock carvings that ultimately point to the supernatural conclusion that Sinclair is a time traveler. Among the tenants of the Epsilon program, a man named Kraff is considered one of their main leaders and places of worship. It is said that those who are an integral part of the Epsilon program are descendants of Kraff and will therefore sport a large birthmark on their face. Sinclair has just such a birthmark, with his alien-focused rock carvings lending even more credence to a connection to the Epsilon program and thus linking the two red death and GTA Even further.

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Grand Theft Auto Online: John Marston

Another direct link between the two GTA and red death can be found quite easily in massive success grand theft auto online. The element of GTA online in question concerns the original character creation system for the game, which allowed players to choose from random parents and grandparents to produce their own GTA online character in a more personalized and unique way.

In this first version of the game, players had the chance to choose John Marston as their grandfather, in what was a very direct reference to the iconic Rockstar franchise, which would go on to establish the Red Dead Redemption protagonist as it exists within the GTA chronology. While the theories surrounding this addition to GTA online are more easily dispelled, as Marston’s presence could be seen as just a non-canon easter egg, the addition of so many other ties between the two franchises makes this theory hard to ignore.

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption: The Sasquatch Hunter

The other main theory that suggests both GTA and red death taking place on the same timeline comes with the presence of a very similar Sasquatch hunter in both franchises. In the supernatural Undead Nightmare DLC for the first Red Dead RedemptionJohn Marston encounters a grizzled hunter in the woods who sports a hide hat and a horribly clean scar over his left eye, who is hunting Sasquatch.

An extremely similar situation arises in a secondary mission for Auto grand theft 5, in which Franklin can find another hunter in the woods once the player reaches 100%. Although visibly younger, the hunter of GTA 5 has the same fur coat, has the exact same scar over his left eye, and even hunts Sasquatch too. While many will dismiss this theory as coincidence given the nearly century-long time difference between the two games, there is another factor that gives the theory far more validity.

In GTA 5, the hunter can be heard talking about how he wishes to make his great-grandfather proud, it’s entirely plausible that he’s referring to the hunter featured in Undead Nightmare, the timeline fits perfectly accordingly. Although some of these theories may be disputed when considered individually, their combined volume is enough to convince even the biggest skeptic of a very plausible chronological connection between Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto.

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