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Over the years, Minecraft has branched out into many other areas of the media industry. The game’s massive success over the past decade has seen it reach heights once thought too high to reach. The game features LEGO sets, merchandise, multiple versions on each platform, and even an episodic play mode Netflix series called Minecraft: story mode.

However, in June 2016, an even bigger project was announced by Mojang, a movie titled Minecraft: The Movie. Unlike the game and Story Mode, which are animated, the film should be released live. This article will talk about all the information available about the movie so far.

Minecraft: The Movie – Everything Fans Need to Know

The idea of ​​a Minecraft movie in the works was voiced by the game’s creator, Notch, in February 2014. He talked about Mojang’s partnership with Warner Brothers on Twitter, and scriptwriting kicked off shortly. after. It was revealed that Warner Brothers would serve as the main distributor, while Mojang Studios would be one of the film’s production companies.

In late 2014, Mojang’s chief content officer and a familiar face in the gaming community, Vu Bui, showed enthusiasm for the project, saying the film was in its early stages of development. Regarding the film’s budget, Bui said it was a “big budget production”, ensuring that excitement for the film remained at an all-time high.

The next two years saw various top directors attach themselves to the project, but eventually leave. At one point, popular director Shawn Levy, who made movies and series like stranger things, free guyand Arrival was brought into the project, but eventually dropped out.

In 2016, the film’s first release date was announced as May 24, 2019, and the film’s script cover was shown publicly. Over the three years, there were many personnel and crew changes for the film, with its directors, writers, visual effects artists and producers leaving or being replaced.

In April 2019, it was announced that the release date should be pushed back further. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and had to be done to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the project. The release date was announced for May 4, 2022. However, in 2020, the release date was changed again, with Mojang not revealing what the next possible date would be.

For now, the project awaits without a concrete release date. However, Minecraft fans should be confident that the movie will eventually come out and should be a massive hit, just like the game itself. While Steve Carell may no longer be part of the film, the team should have no problem finding a great cast for the film.

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