FairSpin Casino: Earn cryptocurrency through play-to-earn games

Play-to-earn is the concept of playing a game and obtaining digital assets in the process. These assets come in the form of tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These digital assets can be monetized through in-game sale and exchange. A dedicated marketplace is often involved to trade these items with other players.

Axie Infinity, for example, is a game that presents you with unique monsters to put into battle. These monsters can be sold and traded to other people with a price depending on the rarity. In Decentraland, players can buy and sell virtual plots. Recently, a land was sold for $2.4 million in this game.

Fairspin is another example. It is an online gambling platform that brings you earnings by playing its games. Fairspin is an interesting example because it is blockchain-based and delivers full transparency. On that note, gambling to win has also revolutionized the world of online gambling. Back to Fairspin.

Fairspin’s play-to-win model comes from revenue synergies from gambling and betting. Players receive a symbolic rakeback for each bet and the rewards depend on the bet size and game category. These games include slots, board games and live games.

Tokenized rakeback also means winnings are credited automatically once the bet is placed on Fairspin. After just a few months, Fairpin’s Play To Earn program saw players receive 29,287,214 TFS. Besides P2E, Fairspin also offers another program: Hold To Earn. This is when players place their tokens in custody, which allows them to earn a portion of the platform’s revenue.

The following factors influence HoldTo Earn rewards

  • The time chosen for the outfit (from 8 hours, 1 day or 3 days)
  • The number of tokens held
  • Fairspin income over the holding period

The Hold To Earn program made Fairspin the first gaming platform of its kind to share its revenue with players. Additionally, only registered Fairspin users can join the Hold To Earn program. In January 2022, Fairspin’s Hold To Earn program allowed players to receive $669,469.

Gambling to win is absolutely making waves in the industry. Changing both the traditional game and even the online game. This format is revolutionizing the industries and we are witnessing the beginning of a new era in gaming. Not only are we able to monetize our time as players, but we will also end up valuing our time even more. Rather than the current norm where most of the time only businesses see the monetary gain. Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, claims that 90% of games on the market will be played to win over the next five years.

At present, more and more new users come to FairSpin to experience the “Play and Earn” model. You can try it too, all you need is register on the FairSpin platform and start playing.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.