First person comes to Fortnite

According to leaks, first person could be the new Fortnite game mode in Chapter 3 Season 4 this summer.

Like all live service games, Fortnite is an ever-evolving game that has undergone many changes over the years. In fact, Epic Games has even integrated a mind-blowing game mode that we thought we would never see, the No-Build mode. This time around, it looks like the developers are shifting gears and stepping it up a notch with the popular first-person mode in Fortnite.

According to the prominent Fortnite leaker, HYPEREX, Epic constantly updated the first-person mode in the game files in July. The fact that the developers regularly play with the data could mean that the game mode is coming soon. Even HYPEX speculates that the first-person mode “could eventually come out in Season 4.” Note, however, that the image shown in the HYPEX leak is a concept only and should not be taken as depicting the actual look of what first-person mode in Fortnite would look like.

Honestly, we have mixed feelings about the first-person mode. It could be either a huge flop or a minor hit, especially since we’ve been playing third-person this whole time, and switching to first-person might be too big a change to ask for. Just imagine the difficulty of having to construct buildings while you fight against your enemies in first person POV. Building in Fortnite works because your camera’s perspective is just far enough away that you can see whatever you’re building on your screen. Also, imagine how nauseating the experience would be. It looks like an instant vertigo attack if you ask us.

Again, the First-Person mode would fit perfectly with the No-Build mode. Just a Fortnite FPS game filled with cartoonish mayhem, which should be a refreshing take on the game. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Epic has in store for us in the next game mode.