Fortnite: 10 best DC character skins

by fortnite The ever-evolving battle royale mode has seen many guest characters from other franchises as purchasable or unlockable skins. By Rick Sanchez from Rick and morty to John Wick himself, Fortnite became a real pop culture variant of Loan Player One.

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When it comes to applying skins in the game there is no shortage of variety, and some FortniteThe most wanted guest characters are those introduced to the DC Universe. The game has seen many comic book heroes and villains, but which are the best?

ten The Joker

Joker skin holding his mallet in Fortnite

Only available in The Last Laugh pack, the Joker was the star character of the pack along with Poison Ivy and comic book armor for the character Midas. This version of the Joker is not based on any version seen previously but is an original creation of Epic Games.

The Joker wears his famous purple costume with a green waistcoat, and said waistcoat has “Haha” imprinted in the pattern of the fabric. He matches the showman character Joker is known for and looks straight out of a comic book while hugging the Fortnite artistic style. It’s also a rare sight to have a playable Joker in the games, the previous best example being when he was a playable character in the game. Batman: Arkham Games.

9 Aquaman

Aquaman coming out of the water with armored fish sticks in Fortnite

In Season 3 of Chapter 2, Aquaman was the star of the battle pass with one shirtless skin and another with the Aquaman costume straight out of the James Wan movie. Even the character model itself is designed to look like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman from the DCEU.

Aquaman’s trident as a harvesting tool is an obvious choice, but the seashell backpack seems out of place. Granted, there isn’t much in terms of options for Aquaman’s back, but it looks like there should have been different options for him. Still, Aquaman fit in well with the aquatic-themed season and was an overall well-designed skin.

8 Batman cartoon outfit

Batman perched on a gargoyle in Fortnite

One of the first DC skins to arrive in Fortnite was none other than Batman. This one was simply called the Comic Book Outfit, which is fitting since it was a combination of the classic comic book designs, New 52 and Rebirth. The result is a polished, well-crafted skin for one of the first of its kind.

This Batman wields an ax with a large bat symbol for the blades and a Batwing-shaped glider. There are many versions of the Batwing, and this one resembles the Tim Burton design that Michael Keaton flies from.

7 Renaissance Harley Quinn

Side by side image of Rebirth Harley with pink and blue pigtails and red and black pigtails in Fortnite

While the Margot Robbie-inspired skins were a nice addition, they didn’t go Fortnite-style as well as the Rebirth Harley. Along with the recent Harley Rebirth, she received a red and black leather jacket from the comics that looked somewhat like what she wears in James Gunn. The suicide squad.

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Combined with the Margot Robbie mallet and the new jack in the box back bling, it gives the new Harley a much more attractive design. As a bonus, Epic Games recently released a free update for Rebirth Harley Quinn to have a choice of pink and blue pigtails or black and red pigtails.

6 Renaissance Raven

Split Images of Rebirth Raven, Classic Raven, and Rachel Roth in Fortnite

As the name suggests, this character is heavily inspired by his appearance in the most recent Rebirth comics. She wears a feathered cape, multicolored hair, red gems and everything that makes Raven’s design so iconic in the Fortnite artistic style.

Her bright eyes are a nice touch, which makes them stand out. Raven also sports two alternate styles: one is a more classic design from older comics, and the other is her civilian appearance as Rachel Roth. This one looks like Raven on HBO Max Titans series.

5 Shadow superman

Shadow Superman in Fortnite Season 7

The Battle Pass’s most recent guest character, Superman is part of the Invasion event, and it includes the ability to play as Clark Kent or transform into Superman via an emote. However, there is a second Superman skin in which he dons the famous black suit from his resurrection from the comics.

This famous costume recently appeared in Zack Snyder Justice League and was worn by Henry Cavill’s Superman. While most fans might be happy with the black suit, Fortnite gives the option to swap the black cape for the classic red cape for a unique look. It’s surprisingly detailed with armor panels reminiscent of New 52 Superman, and it features elements from many Superman comics.

4 Zero point Batman

Zero Point Batman standing on a rock as the Battle Bus arrives in Fortnite

In a large crossover with Fortnite, Batman wakes up on the island with no memory, no gadgets, etc. So he creates Batman armor from the only thing he remembers: the fact that he’s Batman. The result is a warrior design that mixes tactical armor with an apocalyptic aesthetic.

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With a tattered cloak glider and makeshift battle ax harvesting tool, the Zero Point Batman is a unique design that mixes elements of Year zero and Knightmare Batman with a dash of Epic’s own elements. It’s rare to see a new animated Batman design that stands out, but Epic pulled it off.

3 Armored zero point batman

Armored Zero Point Batman Bundle Unlock Screen in Fortnite

Either way, Epic Games got the latest Batman skin that retains the makeshift look but still feels like an upgrade. Batman’s new armor gives him bright blue eyes, similar to the armored suit Batman wears in the DCEU. This armor features sharper fins with a few shoots from the shoulder pads and much longer fins on its gauntlets.

The armor itself resembles the Doom Slayer praetor costume from the recent one. Loss Games. It fits that Fortnite version of Batman, who is always ready to fight in a war.

2 Blood sport

Split image of Bloodsport watching explosion and posing in battle stance in Fortnite

To promote the latest DC film, Idris Elba’s Bloodsport has been added to Fortnite. It makes sense, as Bloodsport sported one of James Gunn’s best costumes The suicide squad. From the xenomorph-inspired helmet to the copper plating, this costume shines pretty well in the bright and colorful gameplay.

Unfortunately, Bloodsport doesn’t have the ability to turn any piece of armor into a weapon, but it does come with a spray to make the weapons match its copper armor. Bloodsport’s back is one of the best on this list, a box containing a Starro The Conqueror with the Sebastian rat attached to the bag.

1 Wonder woman

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman impersonating the Trinity in Fortnite

With the release of Batman and Superman, Epic Games surprised fans by ending Trinity with Wonder Woman in a design heavily inspired by Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman mixed with the DC Animated Universe version.

Confusedly, she wields an ax instead of her iconic sword despite the swords available in Fortnite. However, his glider is the golden wings of Wonder Woman 1984, and she has a cape for those who prefer to see Princess Diana with one. It’s a perfect starter skin for Wonder Woman, and Epic has already released an alternate skin with probably more planned for the future.

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