Fortnite Camper Gets Destroyed By Balloon In Hilarious Fail

Posted: 2022-10-26T20:39:02

Updated: 2022-10-26T20:39:14

A Fortnite camper who used a hot air balloon as a vantage point uploaded footage of themselves belonging to the same balloon.

Camping remains a problem in most online shooters, with players hiding in hard-to-spot spots for long periods of time just to ambush unaware passers-by.

Of course, Fortnite players are no strangers to such techniques. Each new chapter and map features hideouts that more or less serve as hunting grounds for campers.

On some occasions, however, these special locations backfire on users, turning hunters into hunted ones.

The hot air balloon teaches the Fortnite camper a lesson

Reddit bean_and_cheese recently shared a warning message, telling Fortnite players to “stay away from balloons”. The PSA comes with a 30-second video clip, which doesn’t exactly work in the Redditor’s favor.

Notably, the first half of the clip shows users camping atop a balloon. As they try to get into a good position to eliminate the unconscious players, the storm closes in and forces the Redditor to move at all times.

This move caused them to fall inside the ball and die instantly – hence the warning.

Most people in the Reddit thread don’t think the original poster deserves to be considered the victim in this scenario. Some claim they “deserved this” for camping.

Meanwhile, others were quick to crack jokes. “Got Ballooned,” one person wrote of the plight of the balloon sniper.

If the above is any warning, it’s that Fortnite balloon campers should probably avoid sharing their losses online.

The balloons weren’t vaulted with the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 in September. It is not yet known how long they will stay this time around.