Fortnite: Chapter 3 – How To Get Quick And Easy Loot From Shuffled Shrines | Hints for Hidden Safes

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To have the best chance of winning Fortnite: Battle Royale, you’ll want the best loot possible. If you’re looking for great ways to get a huge cache of high-quality weapons and items, we’ve got three simple methods you’ll want to follow – and these methods are especially important for beginners. If you’re a god player who can shoot enemies a mile away, you won’t need an early loot crutch. But some of us aren’t so good at marking early kills in crowded places. If you want to avoid conflict and earn big loot, here are some ways to do it in Chapter 3.

This area was extremely popular during the Indiana Jones event, and now the area is a bit safer for loot seekers. He’s still available in Chapter 3 even with all the Gokus running around. Just try not to kamehameha your back while looting this treasure.

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How To Earn High Quality Loot Early | Battle Royale Tips

To earn a lot of quick loot, you can immediately land in Shrines mixed – if you’re quick, you can get the loot and get out before someone else solves the vault puzzle.

Plant a tree of reality

  • land at Shrines mixed and plant a tree of reality or collect your sapling from a previous race.

Shuffled Shrine is our main destination, and to start you’ll want to look at a Reality Sapling or Plant and upgrade it to Legendary. Reality Saplings are a Chapter 3 mechanic that can be planted anywhere on the map to give you loot – by weeding the plant each turn you can level up until you reach Legendary or Mythic loot . Your best bet is to upgrade to Legendary, in order to get more drops. Do this first, then find the safe code.

Get the safe code

  • In Shrines mixed you will need to find four stones to discover the hidden code of the safe.

In the main chamber, there are four stones that you can spin. The code is randomized each time it runs, so your goal is to find the stones with the matching colors and move on to the correct symbols. To solve it quickly, find 3/4 of the stones – the last stone you can just spin around until you get the correct symbol. It’s faster than finding the right one.

  • Vault Puzzle Solution: To unlock the hidden door at Shrines mixed, you need to find 3/4 matching stone symbols. The stones correspond to the hidden stones around the area.
    • Symbol #1: Inside the underground ruins to the southwest.
    • Symbol #2: Inside the upper ruins to the southeast.
    • Symbol #3: Under the tent on the upper northwest level.
    • Symbol #4: Under the scaffolding in the mining area to the northeast.

You only need 3/4 symbols. Get them and flip the stones – then guess the last one. If you feel lucky, you can also guess the last two. This will unlock the safe. If you want to practice, access a bot server or join Team Rumble so you can explore the map safely.

Don’t forget the secret loot room

  • To the right of the golden tomato head, destroy the vines to find a hidden path to a door. Use a dance emote outside the door to open it.

The secret room is full of treasures! If you want to make sure no one follows you inside, grab the tomato head in the main chest to trigger some traps. Then you can loot your treasure in peace.