‘Fortnite’ Chapter 3 start date, release, leaks & everything we know

Fortnite Chapter 3 may well start very soon, more than two years after the infamous black hole engulfed the battle royale universe to launch Chapter 2 in 2019. According to the latest leaks and rumors, it looks like Chapter 2 will be two seasons shorter than its predecessor despite a longer overall duration. Details are scarce, but here’s everything we know about the next big Battle Royale overhaul when it comes to important dates, skins, and features fans might see on the new map.

When is the Fortnite Start date of chapter 3?

According to the latest update from Trusted Fortnite leak HYPEX, Fortnite Chapter 3 is scheduled to begin on the morning of December 7 after two days of downtime and the Season 8 live event on December 5.

What will happen during the Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2 Live Event?

We have published a separate article detailing the latest leaks for the Fortnite Season 8 live event, but we’ll recap some of those finds here. Similar to the last moments of Season 10, Season 8 will end with an event simply called “The End.”

The Cube Queen is here to destroy reality in the Season 8 live event.Epic games

During these festivities, players will likely face off against the Cube Queen and her minions directly, as the purple menace slowly consumes the Battle Royale map until the aforementioned date. The Cube Queen’s sound spectrogram images suggest that she could charge her pyramid in the center of the map to unleash a barrage of electric currents. It remains to be seen how this assault will impact the rest of the map and the zero point there, but we imagine the end results won’t be good. The Last Reality and the Queen of the Cube would function as NPCs powerful enough to take out players.

On the other side of the fight is the Foundation, which made a cameo appearance in the Season 8 cinematic trailer and hasn’t been seen since. According to iFireMonkey, the Foundation is expected to have voice lines at the upcoming event. We don’t know what’s going on beyond that, but it’ll be explosive enough to take Fortnite for a few days with the return of the black hole. Are you ready to fight the cubes?

What are the Fortnite Chapter 3 leaked so far?

Details are scarce on Fortnite Chapter 3 Beyond the Event leaks, but HYPEX has confirmed that at least one major collaboration on the skin will debut in the early weeks of the opening season. Sources that have proven correct in the past tell Neo and Trinity of The matrix will be featured in-game during the second week of December. We assume it will be in the Item Shop just like the recent one Dune bundle, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Season 8 has proven that not all cubes can look as good as Kevin.Epic games

If Neo wasn’t enough for you, maybe a possible collaboration with Spider-Man will tickle you. Likewise unearthed by HYPEX, it is suggested FortniteThe developers at Epic Games may be working on a web feature that is currently running under the code name WestSausage. Attached to the limited-use item, data strings refer to “Swing attachment location, Swing detachment time, Swing, Swing acceleration, [and] Oscillating jump.

Spider-Man has been conspicuously absent from previous Marvel-themed crossovers, but, given Spider-Man: No Path Home Set to debut in theaters on December 17th, now is a good time to introduce Parker’s hero as a potential big addition to the next battle pass. Carnage wreaked havoc in the Season 8 Battle Pass, so it would make sense to follow that up with a strong heroic counterpart.

Here are some other features that may find a place in Chapter 3, as indicated by recent data mines.

  • A slide mechanic: HYPEX Since September has been monitoring a new movement mechanic that has not yet been added to the game. It has a cooldown and can be linked to an item.
  • Mountable animals: HYPEX also tweeted about animals that can be ridden in September as well. You can perform basic actions while riding them, and they can attack other players.
  • More recently, HYPEX discovered data for a disposable ax weapon that could end up in Chapter 3 at some point.
  • Winter stuff: Surprising or not, it looks like Epic is update some old winter challenges to use later this year.

New card: FNBRUnpublished suggests that Artemis is the internal codename for the new card. This is the code name for the map from Chapter 2 previously called Apollo. Apollo and Artemis are two twins in Greek mythology, sometimes described as polar opposites of each other. Some fans believe the Chapter 3 map is actually below the Chapter 2 map, with a nickname called “The Flipside”. If so, this double naming convention certainly makes sense.