Fortnite Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Skin can be unlocked in a new cut

Guardians of the Galaxy character and Thanos’ daughter Gamora will join Fortnite later this week and players can win her through a tournament.

Gamora from guardians of the galaxy joined Fortnite, and players can earn his skin early by participating in a tournament known as the Gamora Cup. Gamora is far from the only Marvel character to join Fortnite – in fact, she already has a certain purple family member who is also in the game. These Marvel character mugs remain an interesting way to welcome beloved characters into combat.

Gamora’s adoptive father Thanos has joined Fortnite like a skin earlier this summer. This was not his first appearance in the game, however, as Epic Games had previously added the character with his signature Infinity Gauntlet in a special type of game. Once the fan favorite finally settled into the game as the official skin, fans were sure to have some chaos-causing fun as the Mad Titan. To complicate matters, the girl he murdered in Avengers: Endgame now joined the game.

Players can get the Gamora skin and Gamora Cloak bling back for free before it hits stores by participating in the Gamora Cup, which Epic Games announces will begin on August 11. To win, players will have 10 games in which they must win as many. points as possible, and the best player in their region will receive the skin. Eliminations are worth one point each, a Victory Royale is worth 42 points, and each placement at the end of a match is worth a decreasing number of points. Like in previous Marvel character cuts, this should prove to be an entertaining and competitive way to catch Gamora. Fortnite skin, but those who miss their chance can purchase Gamora from the Item Shop starting August 14.

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Source: Epic Games

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