Fortnite: how to get the Trespasser Elite skin


Intruders have been an integral part of Fortnite since the start of Season 7 – Invasion. And who wouldn’t want to become their own alien invader? Well, it turns out it’s possible with the Trespasser Elite skin. Even though Epic made no mention of this skin, it is very real and very cool. “How do I unlock the Trespasser Elite skin in Fortnite“, I can hear you ask,” Is there a code I can enter to become the alien of my dreams? or maybe even “Is it free?” Ultimately the answer is, well, sort of, but not really. Here’s how to get the Trespasser Elite skin Fortnite.

How to get the Trespasser Elite skin Fortnite

Until recently, the Trespasser Elite skin in Fortnite was unlocked through a partnership with streaming tool provider StreamElements. After going to their website and signing in with your YouTube account, you can access a ‘partnerships’ section that would allow you to unlock a code for the Trespasser Elite skin. You just needed to broadcast 10 hours of Fortnite with a downloadable overlay enabled and 5+ concurrent viewers watching. Recently, this section of their site was closed, stating that “applications are currently closed and will start accepting applications again at a later date. Thanks. ”What this means and the time frame that StreamElements describes is currently a mystery.

This begs the question – could you buy the Fortnite Trespasser Elite code from someone who hasn’t used theirs yet? Ultimately the answer is yes, but realistically that probably won’t happen for most people and Epic actively opposes players selling skin codes, so you would likely be subject to a scrutiny if you so choose.

On September 4, YouTuber iFireMonkey said he believed the Trespasser Elite skin was heading to the Item Shop in the future and was just being given to streamers to build hype for the live event. Operation: Sky Fire. While that may be true, the Trespasser Elite skin has yet to be seen in the Item Shop and until then the only way to unlock it would be to find yourself a code. Hopefully Epic will add the skin to the Item Shop shortly.

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