Fortnite Inferno’s Quest Pack: Prizes, Items and V-Bucks

When first starting Fortnite, the heavy use of in-game cosmetics can be daunting to a new player, often feeling overwhelming.

In a game designed with its constantly rotating item shop, it can be difficult to decide where to start, especially when you’re not fully committed to the game to purchase something like the Battle Pass.

This is where Starter Packs and Quest Packs come in, allowing players to purchase a set of in-game cosmetics and quests to complete for a relatively low price, giving them a taste of the game and of what it has to offer.

The last of these to grace the Item Shop is the Inferno Quest Pack. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Inferno Pack Price

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room, the price of this Fortnite Item Shop listing. Inferno’s Quest Pack will set a player back £9.99 GBP / $11.99 USD / €11.99 EURwhich might seem odd to someone unfamiliar with how the Item Shop works.

In Fortnite, the Item Shop runs off of V-Bucks, a premium currency that you can buy for real money and then spend on in-game items and things like the Battle Pass.

Due to this package containing V-Bucks as a quest reward, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase it via V-Bucks, so it’s kept as a direct cash purchase instead.

What’s included in the Inferno Quest Pack?

Inferno’s Quest Pack comes with an outfit, pickaxe, and weapon wrap along with a set of challenges to get 1,500 V-Bucks to use in-game on more cosmetics or the battle pass. Below we have a breakdown of each of the items included.

Inferno Pack Outfit

Of course, the main attraction of Inferno’s Quest Pack is the man himself with Inferno skin with a fiery red and black suit combo, complete with a masked face that’s engulfed in flames at the back.

Inferno Pack Pickaxe

The harvesting tool of choice for Inferno doesn’t entirely match the aesthetic of his outfit, but at least matches his color scheme, with the Crimson Scythe pickaxe being red and black with a serrated blade.

Inferno Pack Weapon Wrap

Perhaps one of Fortnite’s most underrated cosmetics, weapon wraps are something that often go unnoticed in places due to the third-person perspective, but they often have the coolest designs. and this one is definitely a very nice red/orange pattern to make your guns more colorful.