Fortnite players are angry at the lack of April Fool’s Day jokes

The lack of an April Fool’s Day in Fortnite this year has left Epic Games fans upset despite the success of the battle royale’s latest season.

Passionate gamers fortnite are angry that there was no April Fool’s Day event in the Item Shop this year. Although Epic Games recently released Chapter 3 Season 2 of the estimated fortnite With an unexpectedly successful Battle Royale Zero Build mode, players have still often been disappointed by developers in various aspects. fortnite is usually quick to create pop culture or holiday-based events, so it’s shocking that April Fool’s Day is missed.

from Fortnite the final season was something of a rebirth for the title. Despite another Marvel crossover with Doctor Strange in the Battle Pass, the lack of defining building features fortnite apart from other battle royales, it turned out to be exactly what fans needed and provided an opportunity for new gameplay mechanics. While some gamers are often annoyed with microtransactions in free-to-play games, the items featuring a cycle of different cosmetics (sometimes based on pop culture like the rumored Moon Knight fortnite skin) is vital for fortnite players.


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Epic Games usually has special events in the Item Shop for special dates like April Fool’s Day, so fans are reasonably put off by the lack of a themed event this year. According to DualShockers, fans responded negatively to tweets about current Item Shop updates today, as none of them featured anything April Fool’s Day. While a fortnite tweet of the day announced the Lantern Fest event, dedicated to the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, and another reminded fans that Chloe Kim’s skin will be leaving the item shop soon, many fortnite fans, such as Twitter user Shanyfound no problem in sharing their grievances in the responses.

While some replies directly targeted the developer, regardless of the content of the Tweet, many fans were happy with the Ramadan event. It’s not the only controversy fortnite found himself recently, however. Epic Games was recently sued by a Youtuber after they again used a copyrighted dance as an emote in the Item Shop. Even though the Item Shop is one of the most beloved parts of fortnitethis unfortunately seems to cause the most problems in the game. Microtransactions are a point of contention in any free-to-play game, but due to the extreme success of Epic Games’ battle royale in selling only cosmetic items and a large community, it’s no surprise that fortnite receives so many complaints.

Despite all of this, Chapter 3 has attracted many players with its many crossovers, and Season 2 has so far delighted older and newer fans alike. It should be noted that Epic Games has also awarded other important events in addition to April Fool’s Day, donating fortnite benefits to Ukraine Relief. fortnite receives as much criticism as praise and for this reason, its relevance remains constant.

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Source: Dual Shockers, Shany/Twitter

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