Fortnite Resistance Quests – Week 8: Energy Fluctuations Around Loot Lake & More

We’ve reached week 8 of The Seven’s battle against the Imagined Order in Fortnite, and they’re enlisting Loopers again for some essential missions this week. All of them are pretty straightforward, with one of the goals being just to go for a swim, but the last goal can be really tricky, so keep an eye out for the Sensor Backpack you collect during this quest – or just take a look at this guide. Each of these challenges is worth 23,000 XP, and with four challenges, that’s a total of 92,000 XP to earn in Resistance missions this week.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance Quests Week 8

  • (Step 1/2) Uplink the device near the shrine or rocky pinwheels
    • (Stage 2/2) Talk to Mancake, Bao Bros and Lil Whip – 23,000 XP
  • (Step 1/2) Uplink the device near the Daily Bugle or the Joneses
    • (Stage 2/2) Destroy the waste around the Sanctuary (8) – 23,000 XP
  • (Step 1/3) Establish device uplink near unstable trees or Logjam lumber yard
    • (Stage 2/3) Collect the Signal Jammers (3)
    • (Stage 3/3) Swim in water – 23,000 XP
  • (Step 1/3) Uplink the device near Seven Outpost I or Synapse Station
    • (Step 2/3) Equip the Sensor Backpack
    • (Stage 3/3) Use the Sensor backpack to find an energy fluctuation around Loot Lake – 23,000 XP

Each of these challenges starts with the familiar objective Establish a Device Uplink, each in different areas of the map. Take a look below for map markers for each device uplink.


Each of these quests, except for the last one, are pretty straightforward. You’ll head to Butter Barn (the huge barn between Synapse Station and Rocky Reels), Coney Crossroads, and Condo Canyon to talk to one of our foodie friends at each location. Then, for trash cleanup, head to Sanctuary and look for pizza boxes or trash bags with an orange-brown stinky cloud emanating from them. Hit the trash can with your pickaxe or shoot it to destroy eight trash totals. The Signal Jammers are all located on top of the three hills surrounding the northwest corner of the map where Logjam Lumberyard is located. Once you’ve collected all three Signal Jammers, dive into the nearest body of water to complete this mission.


The final quest is where things get tricky – we need to grab a sensor backpack and find an energy fluctuation somewhere near Loot Lake. There are two backpacks available; one south of Tilted Towers, the other just west. Look around in the trees near the objective marker to find the shiny white sensor backpack. Equip it and start watching the lights and listening for its beeps. The faster the beep and the brighter the green light becomes, the closer you get to the energy fluctuation.


Ultimately, between two rocks at the southwest end of Loot Lake, the energy fluctuation will appear as you approach it. Scan it by getting close to it and interacting, and The Origin will come on comms shouting how bad this is and that they need to find The Scientist to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Job well done, Looper – you’ve helped the Seven in their fight against the IO for another week, and hopefully you’ve made some progress in the process. Make sure you get to know the changes in the new update with the patch notes here, or check out the new Short Nite Film Festival returning to the island soon.

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