Fortnite season 8 art may hint at the return of Tilted Towers

The recent Epic Games Season 8 Chapter 2 tease featured a piece of art that seemed to hint at the return of Fortnite’s Tilted Towers.

The last Fortnite The Epic Games Season 8 Chapter 2 tease included artwork suggesting the Inclined towers may return in the very near future. by fortnite Tilted Towers were among the fan favorite points of interest that Epic introduced during Chapter 1 of Season 2 in 2018. Considered one of the best battle royale landing points, this particular location has most often hosted one of the best loot available on the map. in a given game.

Tilted Towers received an update for several seasons after its advent in 2018. In fact, one of those updates – Season 5 – merged Tilted Towers and Salty Springs to create the amalgam known only as name of Salty Towers. Nothing lasts forever, however; as such, the Towers vanished after Season X unleashed a black hole that consumed the entire Fortnite Map from Chapter 1. But it looks like the once popular landmark may soon be making a comeback.

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Today, Epic Games shared a blog post detailing the return of Late Game Arena mode on October 5th. Artwork accompanied the short story, depicting several characters falling on the island, one of which features an all-new Renegade Raider design. Something else is getting the bulk of the buzz from the Fortnite community, however, and that is a supposed glimpse of the Tilted Towers. The point of interest appears at the very bottom of the image below, positioned to the right under the extended barrel of the pistol. While Fortnite Fans remain convinced that this serves as positive proof that Tilted Towers is resurfacing in Chapter 2 of Season 8, Epic Games have yet to confirm as much.

fortnite season 8 tease Tilted Towers

Numerous Fortnite fans agree that Inclined towers‘the return from pause brightened up the battle royale card even more. How exactly the POI would be reimplemented remains a mystery, of course, but it’s a mystery worth exploring. Plus, Season 8 is already chock-full of interesting content releases. It wouldn’t hurt to add a blast from the past for good measure.

Chapter 2 of Season 8 introduced a whole slew of exciting additions. The Battle Pass, for example, included a Carnage skin. And a few days after Carnage arrived, Epic released an Eddie Brock skin and Venom emote based on the movie sequel starring Tom Hardy, Venom: let there be carnage. Season 8 could very well contain a few more unexpected surprises.

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Source: Epic Games, GameSpot

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