Fortnite split screen matchmaking issue recognized

For years now, Fortnite has been one of the most popular video games of recent times. Released in 2017, the game is nearing the end of Chapter 2 of Season 8 and shows no signs of slowing down in terms of the active player base.

In fact, Fortnite had over 80 million monthly active users with 4 million players logging in daily, making it the most played battle royale in 2021. A Fortnite Twitch streamer also broke the record for most simultaneous viewers.

Derby Dynamo Quest Pack

Epic Games frequently brings new content to the game to keep it up to date, which sometimes causes bugs and issues.

Some recent issues that players have been affected by are “Smash Attack” drop damage with Sideway Scythe and Derby Dynamo challenges not showing up in the Player Quests and Punch Cards tab bug.

That said, players are now reporting that they are experiencing matchmaking issues when playing Fortnite in split screen mode. Some say the issue appeared after the v18.30 update, making it impossible for those using split screen mode to enter matches.


@FortniteGame, there is still an issue with the split screen. Resetting the game does not resolve this 1-bit problem. 20 hours since the update was released and it’s still a problem. I can’t even play and if you get in when you die you can’t get back into a game at all.

After the recent update (v18.30) there was an issue with Split Screen Matchmaking. I know Epic is aware of this issue, but the workaround says (restarting Fortnite will allow players to re-queue) but it doesn’t. He does the same. Hope Epic fixes this issue ASAP.

Split screen matchmaking is down and restarting my game is not working. Ideas ? (Source)

It looks like Epic Games is already aware of the Fortnite split screen matchmaking issue and has shared a workaround. However, they did not give any ETA on the fix.

We are aware of matchmaking issues when playing in Splitscreen mode. Restarting your game should resolve the issue.

Even though Epic Games says restarting Fortnite should fix split-screen matchmaking, some say they don’t and they had to restart the game several times before they could enter a match.

Restarting does not solve the problem 100%. It took several tries and once we finally got into a game we had to start all over again. Quite annoying since you also tricked the split screen players by horde.

We had to restart a couple of times after each match for the matchmaking to finally work, it’s extremely frustrating. (On Xbox)

Additionally, another bug appears to be affecting those who attempt to complete in-game Refer a Friend task 5. Players say they are stuck on level o progress and are unable to complete the task. .

It’s really frustrating for many as many say they were halfway through the challenge. You can see in the image below how the challenge is stuck at zero.

Click / tap to enlarge image (Source)

The site clearly says “… earn 60 account levels from where you were when you started the program”. My friend gained 25 levels but we just hit task 5 today, but he still says 0 levels won for both of us. Obviously, it’s not since “program started” because it just starts to count now.

I started playing with a friend and in 4 tasks he gained 20 levels and I gained 15. But when we started part 5 the level counter was reset and made us start again of 0 levels. Is this a bug or is there something I can do to fix it?

Thankfully, Epic Games has acknowledged the issue as well and said it is currently under investigation.

We are still investigating reports that players are not seeing their task 5 account level progress update properly on a friend’s referral site. We will provide an update as soon as we have more information.

When the Fortnite developers fix split screen matchmaking and the “Refer a Friend” Task 5 bug, we’ll update this article, so stay tuned.

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