Fortnite: The 10 best limited-time items

By Game Rant, Fortnite: Battle Royale recently added some of the most iconic Star Wars weapons in history to its playground, including Darth Vader’s legendary Lighsaber. Epic Games managed to keep the infamous melee constantly engaged with constant updates like this, which often included many unique items that players could only experience for brief periods of time, and were strictly exclusive to seasonal periods. specific.

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Everyone wanted to be part of from Fortnite world domination, so whenever a new limited-time item wasn’t vaulted, every player wanted to use it – creating some very memorable and positive moments for fans. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Gauntlet to a deadly scythe that channeled its energy from another universe, from Fortnite limited-time items give fans one more reason to keep coming back to the game and providing hours of fun.


Lateral overhang

Fortnite Sideways Svythe

First introduced during Chapter 2, the Sideways Scythe was a mythical melee weapon that could be found in Sideways bubbles and upgraded with Cube Monster parts. The scythe allowed players to land quick and heavy attacks on enemies at close range, as well as letting them charge towards enemies and attack, and launch into the air for an incredible pound-style attack on the ground.

The Sideways Scythe was a fantastic edit for Fortnite: Battle Royale, giving players a feeling of overwhelming power by allowing them to pull off sleek yet effective heavy attack combos very quickly, unlike the game’s only other melee “weapon” – the weak but humble pickaxe. Additionally, the scythe has become an essential tool for defeating cube monsters during Fortnitemares, one of from Fortnite best limited-time events, becoming an essential piece in every player’s arsenal.

Amban sniper rifle

When The Mandalorian crash-landed his Razor Crest on the island, players got to try their luck by engaging in a duel with the notorious bounty hunter. If the player won the battle and the Mandalorian was defeated, they would not only drop their jetpack, but also their signature weapon – the Amban sniper rifle.

It was no surprise that Din Djarin ended up arriving alongside Grogu due to the popularity of his Disney+ show among fans. star wars fans and gamers were excited to claim his weapon. Mando’s sniper differed from other snipers because he had a unique heat vision reminiscent of star wars‘ futuristic but old technology, giving fans the real mandalorian live. Additionally, the Ambian sniper rifle could be used as a melee weapon, allowing players to excel in close combat situations.

Iron Man Repulsors

Fortnite Iron Man Repulsors

When Avengers: Endgame shocked the world in 2019, Epic Games unveiled its Endgame Limited Time mode, where players would either be assigned to the Avengers or the Chitauri te and compete for possession of the Infinity Stones. As part of this LTM, Fortnite gained weapons based on the original six Avengers – including Iron Man’s repulsors.

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In true Iron Man fashion, this item allowed players to hover and auto-lock onto enemies, becoming their own personal aimbot and giving the user an advantage while taking on the Chitauri. This awesome item was perfect for helping gamers feel like the Invincible Iron Man, and will be something fans will be talking about for years to come.

Venom/Carnage Symbiote

Another limited-time unique item that Epic Games brought to the Fortnite island was the Venom and Carnage Symbiote Cartridges as part of a crossover with Venom: let there be carnage. These Symbiote Samples were usually found near the center of the map and, when obtained, gave players multiple game-changing Symbiote-based abilities.

Along with improved speed and jumping abilities, the item gave players the power to throw the symbiote in any direction to grab players and objects, and quickly bring them back to the user – a terrifying but incredibly useful. Additionally, the symbiote allowed players to deploy a Venom-style glider mid-match and from any height, allowing players to quickly escape danger if they were in desperate need.

The Infinity Blade

One of FortniteThe best original weapons of, the Infinity Blade was an iconic sword that could only be obtained for a very limited period of time due to its overwhelming power and unfairness. By increasing each of the player’s stats, the Infinity Blade was so powerful that it forced the user to drop all of their currently held items, as well as emitting a huge beacon of light – showing enemy players its location.

Similar to the Sideways Scythe, the Infinity Blade allows players to use heavy attacks very quickly in combat and pull off unreal combos that can annihilate an enemy before they see it coming, and can easily destroy structures. All of these abilities add up to create a terrifyingly powerful weapon that is sure to change the tides of any match towards the lucky user.

Cape Shield

Another item added as part of from Fortnite Endgame celebrations, Cap’s shield gave players the power of Marvel’s first Avenger, Captain America.

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The shield replicated many of the moves viewers have seen Captain America use in the MCU, allowing players to use the shield to deflect oncoming enemy attacks, run with the shield to quickly get out of harm’s way, and to throw the shield like a Frisbee to attack from a long interval. Although the item existed for a short time, it was highly appreciated by fans, as it was the first time Marvel fans could truly experience being Captain America in video game culture. and therefore holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.


Fortnite Stormbreaker

Similar to other Avengers weapons, Thor’s Stormbreaker Ax could also be obtained during Fortnite‘s Endgame LTM, allowing players for a brief period to harness the Thunder God’s abilities in intense battles against the enemy Chitauri (players).

Rated among fans as one of the best weapons in the MCU, Stormbreaker allowed players to attack rivals with unparalleled power in both melee and ranged combat, making it a very useful item to have and incredibly terrifying to face. Additionally, Stormbreaker could allow the player to literally fly above their enemies, opening the way for wild game-changing combos to completely obliterate any player in their path.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Beginner as part of from Fortnite The first-ever crossover, the Infinity Gauntlet would land on Fortnite Island at the start of each match and mark itself on the map, giving every player an equal chance to gain the unparalleled power of the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

Once obtained, the player could choose to use a variety of amazing infinity stone themed attacks, such as firing energy beams from the gauntlet and launching into the sky and slamming into the ground, which automatically made them the most powerful, stylish, and most targeted player in the game. The Infinity Gauntlet worked for all future limited time items to work.


Fortnite Star Wars May 4 Lightsabers Daily Quests Guide

Through several different star wars-thematic events, players could find Star Wars’ signature weapon, the lightsaber, across the map, leading them to learn Jedi abilities.

From Mace Windu to Obi-Wan Kenobi, a variety of unique yet instantly recognizable lightsabers could be found across the island. Lightsabers could be used to deal melee damage, block oncoming fire and even be thrown for long-range attacks – which led to incredibly tense duels between fans, helping them relive old memories while creating new ones.


Endgame Fortnite Spider Man Web Shooters

Considered by many fans to be the most enjoyable and exciting gaming experience on the web, the addition of Spider-Man’s web shooters into Fortnite was perfectly timed with the holiday season, as Epic Games really gave players this limited-time item. The web shooters were primarily located around the Daily Bugle and temporarily gave players the Amazing Spider-Man’s spectacular abilities.

Loaded with 100 webs to shoot, these web-slingers changed the game, allowing players to pull off neat tricks and stunts in the air while zipping around the map with elegance and speed, just like Spider-Man, giving players the chance to win the heights and win their battles. Although simple, web-shooters helped launch Fortnite into the limelight and has become one of the most useful and exciting Battle Royale items to use.

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