Fortnite: What are Cubes, why are they multiplying and where are they located?

At first, there was a single purple cube, which Fortnite fans dubbed Kevin, that moved around the map before exploding. Now, three years later, Kevin is back on Fortnite Season 8, but this time it’s part of a whole Cube civilization.

These cubes that rained from the sky at the end of Season 7 after the destruction of the Alien Mothership, appear to be different colors, are located in different parts of the map, and appear to reproduce in real time.

What will happen to these cubes remains a mystery, but here is everything we know so far about the cubes in Fortnite Season 8.

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What are cubes in Fortnite?

After Kevin, a “friendly” blue colored Cube, which fans named “Blue Kevin” or “Blevin” appeared on the map first. These are the Cube players restarted during the live event.

Then there are six big purple cubes that seem to move every few days. Players should be careful of these because if you stand under any of them while it is moving, you and your team will be crushed.

Finally, there is the golden cube or “Queen”, which seems to be the leader of the purple cubes. This cube moves very quickly and when it reached the first purple cube, the queen was “activated”, levitating in the air and shooting energy into her purple friend.

Any player who touched this purple energy ray was instantly eliminated.

After the golden cube went out and moved on to its next target to continue zapping other Kevins on the map, the purple cube was seen spawning six baby cubes.

This smaller collection of cubes appears to follow the purple “mother” cube and roll a lot more than their larger variations.

Where are the Cubes?

The cubes are located in different parts of the map. The purples were primarily found at UFO crash sites on the island and appear to be moving slowly. While the Queen’s Cube seems to never stay in one place, Blevin, who was first found hidden in trees near Cape Cod on the map, continues to stay there and has yet to move.

Why do Cubes reproduce?

The reason for this remains unclear, but according to dataminers, each cube’s path has been mapped out for the next few weeks. For now, all of the Cubes seem to be heading towards the center of the map for a big reunion.

But before that, the Golden Cube will apparently go around the entire map and zap all the purple cubes so that they spawn more baby cubes.