Fortnite: where to fell forest pines

One of the quests of Fortnite: Chapter 3 tasks players with chopping down several pine trees, a new tree introduced in the map in this chapter. Although the lumber pine is still only a tree, it exhibits specific distinctions that separate it from the typical wood of Fortnitethe forests of. First, forest pines are much taller than an average evergreen tree, about × 1.5 in height. Another unique difference is the color of their wood and leaves. A wood pine in Fortnite has a minty turquoise in its foliage and a light greyish brown for its central trunk. Read on to find out where these new types of trees can be found.

Where to fell forest pines in Fortnite

Fortnite Knock Down Forest Pine Location

the place of appearance of forest pines in Fortnite is in the mountainous region of the northwest of the map, mainly where there is a lot of snow. These areas include the lake near Hug Camp and anywhere around Logging. As players travel further northwest, they may find a lot of forest pines to cut down to complete their challenge.


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Once the players spot wood pines in Fortnite, they can fell trees using their harvesting tool. When a Timber Pine’s HP reaches 0, it will not disappear like regular trees, but will “wood” instead, leaving a stump behind. Be careful when cutting wood pines near moving water or on slopes, as the fallen log may roll off on its own. Once players have cut down enough pine trees, they can complete their challenge and earn their Fortnite quest rewards.

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