Fortnite: where to find the side (season 8)

Fortnite Season 8 featured the new Sideways location. This guide will show players where to find this area and complete its challenges.

Finding out where to find the Sideways is important in Fortnite season 8. The Sideways is a new dimensional location introduced in this new season. Upon entering it, players will be teleported to an alternate version of a map slot. Here huge cubic monsters will roam around and attack the player if they get too close. Not only that, but the gravity is changed, allowing players to jump higher than they normally would. What makes this area so interesting is that its exact location changes with each new match. But, locating it is pretty straightforward.

The reason players will want to enter the Sideways is that many of the new character quests require different tasks to be completed in the Sideways. Character Quests are a new mechanic introduced this season that pushes players to help the various NPCs scattered around the map.

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Each challenge will reward players with tons of XP for their Battle Pass. Players looking to unlock the Carnage skin will want to clear them as quickly as possible. For example, Fabio Sparklemane asks players to dance for five seconds in the Sideways. There are tons of Sideways related quests this week with more chances to spawn as the season progresses. Since the Sideways changes locations every game, players will need to plan accordingly each turn. Fortunately, it’s pretty straightforward to see where it appears in each game.

Where to find the side in Fortnite (season 8)

Fortnite Battle Stars Season 8 Battle Pass

When looking at the map, players should look for a bright orange and purple bubble on the map. This indicates the location of the Sideways anomaly. Upon entering this location, the screen will darken and monsters will start attacking the player. These are all of the Week 1 quests that require players to visit the Sideways.

  • Fabio Sparklemane (Quest 5): Dance for five seconds in the Sideways.
  • Twilight (Quest 4): Get an elimination with a pistol, SMG, or shotgun in the side.
  • Dark Jonesy (Quest 4): Deal 150 headshot damage to monsters in Sideways.
  • Dark Jonesy (Quest 5): Defeat two waves of cubic monsters in the Side Anomaly.
  • Baba Yaga (Quest 5): Use a bandage or medical kit in the Sideways.
  • Torin (Quest 1): Enter on the side.
  • Torin (Quest 2): Collect a side weapon.
  • Torin (Quest 3): Deals 100 damage to players with a side weapon.
  • Torin (Quest 4): Eliminate 10 cubic monsters on the side.
  • Torin (Quest 5): Complete a side encounter.

To unlock each of these quests, players will need to complete the character challenges that precede them. Players should try to focus on Torin first, as all of his tasks require players to enter the Sideways. This area seems to remain throughout the season, so players should familiarize themselves with eliminating cubic monsters. It’s still one of the best ways to earn Battle Pass XP.

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Fortnite is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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