Fortnite: where to find the submachine gun

One of the best aspects of fortnite are all different types of weapons players can use to suit their playstyle. While fans may argue that some weapons are objectively better than others, sometimes players just can’t afford to. be demanding in the heat of the moment. The submachine gun is one of fortnite gun fans have been dismissed in the past for its low damage output. However, Epic Games has made some great upgrades to the weapon to make it worth taking up inventory space. So for fortnite fans looking to test out the new changes, here’s where to find the submachine gun.

Where to get the submachine gun in Fortnite

Fortnite January 11 Patch Notes

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no specific spawn location where players can find the submachine gun in fortnite. The only way to get it is through floor loot, supply drops, fishing, and chests in fortnite. The rarity of the Submachine Gun drop is also random, ranging from Common to Mythic. Additionally, it’s essential to note that submachine guns are currently not included in the game’s competitive playlists.

Luckily, there are ways for players to follow the different methods to find the submachine gun in fortnite. Supply falls in fortnite currently have a few easy ways for players to find loot. The Team Rumble game mode currently has the best chance of finding supply drops, spawning eight to ten drops as soon as the first circle closes. Also the best place to fish fortnite Chapter 3 is in Fisher’s Paradise. True to its name, Fisher’s Paradise has several different fishing spots nearby, all away from enemy players. Remember, when fishing, make sure you don’t pull the hook out of the water after the first two pulls. Instead, wait 15 seconds, then remove the lure as soon as the hook starts floating again.

Along with a higher damage rate, the clip size has also been increased, helping the gun not run out of ammo as quickly as before. This also makes the gun effective in both long and close range encounters with burst mode. Reload time has also been drastically reduced from 2.4 seconds to just two seconds, which makes a huge difference if players are in a rush. With this new DPS output and higher rate of fire, the submachine gun is now more effective than the Stinger SMG in some cases.

fortnite is now available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.