Fortnite YouTuber brings Minecraft builds to battle royale and shatters dimensions

When it comes to building and having the freedom to create structures in a game, Fortnite tops the list. Thanks to the title’s creative mode, loopers can build their own dream islands as they see fit. With a little practice, they can even create games like Ping Pong in Fortnite.

Considering how Creative Mode has evolved over time, Epic Games has a lot on its plate. Although there is no fixed date for Creative 2.0, the current version still has a lot to offer. The game developers are still encouraging players to experience the creative freedom of building in the metaverse, even if it means moving away from Minecraft, another building-focused game.

For those taking the leap of fate, the transition will see them go from pixelated blocks to fully rooted assets. However, one content creator wasn’t happy with the idea and decided to have the best of both worlds in Fortnite.

Minecraft mod for Fortnite

Created by YouTuber Brux, this interesting mod allows players to use blocks from Minecraft. Unlike the standard builds that exist in Fortnite, these are more rudimentary in nature as they only consist of a block and half a staircase. However, with the right skill set, players can use them to gain a significant advantage in combat.

Currently these Minecraft themed pixelated blocks are only available through the mod. It will likely be limited to creative mode as the official playlists have their own set of building options. Still, seeing how players decide to use them in battle will be interesting, given their form.

Just like the standard building pieces in the game, those featured in the mod also come in three materials: wood, brick, and metal. Additionally, it’s likely that each type of material has its own HP levels as well. The video below shows interesting Minecraft blocks in the game:

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Will there ever be an official Fortnite x Minecraft collaboration?

While some fans would like to stay optimistic and hope for the best, optimism isn’t always rewarded. Given that both games are poised to take over the creative market, a collaboration isn’t really in either party’s best interest. With Roblox able to hold its own between the two giants, there’s more than enough competition for years to come.

With Epic Games wanting players to use its creative tools, it’s easy to see why there will never be an official collaboration. Although some clickbait content creators may claim otherwise, this is highly unlikely.

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Additionally, with the upcoming release of Creative 2.0, Epic Games will want more players to try out the tools available to them within Fortnite itself. If they were to collaborate, the current hype around the upcoming feature would be hijacked by a crossover, which the developers don’t want.

As noted, with each IP looking at the other competitively, the possibility of a crossover is next to impossible. This is why most collaborations tend to happen with brands that easily synergize with the metaverse.

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