Fortnite’s Lands Down Under mode is like a Tourism Australia campaign

Fortnite arrives in Australia.

The last card to hit the popular Fortnite Creative mode is Lands Down Under, a bespoke museum of Australian and New Zealand wildlife and assorted kitsch.

Although it feels a bit like a Fortnite Tourism Australia campaign is in fact to support Fornite ANZ social channels will live.

The central fashion hub is a tourist reception center. Inside you’ll find several small areas, including a tiered wildlife exhibit and aquarium. The wildlife exhibit was actually pretty cool and recreates Australian and New Zealand wildlife in a stylized but handcrafted way. I’m honestly surprised that out of all the models Epic has created for Fortnite over the years, he doesn’t have at least one kangaroo model on hand. Local flourishes are everywhere, from videos of Melbourne’s trams on TV to herds of ibises gathered around a trash can near the front door.

Throughout the hub are a roadside cafe, upstairs reception hall, and gift shop. Gold coins litter the area and if you vacuum them all you’ll unlock six limited-time sprays.

The sprays, designed by Melbourne artist George Rose, have featured in the game before, but have since been vaulted. They’ll only be available in limited quantities, with a new spray unlocked every day for the next six days. Basically get there early if you want them. I’m definitely raising an eyebrow at Epic for putting a specific number on how many people can unlock sprays, but maybe it’s just me who’s an old buddy-buddy.

Beyond the visitor’s center, there is also an ANZ-themed mini-game series. There’s the Sydney Surf Spectacular in a Bondi recreation, a cooking game called Bake vs Batter, a scavenger hunt called Kiwi Hideout, and a construction set outside of a giant building that looks (but is legally distinct from) a Bunnings.

It’s a good time, and it is clear that there has been a tremendous amount of work. There are things that could be improved – for example, the mode doesn’t seem to include much about First Nations or Maori, or their history. However, the team behind this have made it clear that they see Lands Down Under as a work in progress, so hopefully there will be more to come in that regard.

The mode was created by manufacturers ANZ Creative Mode, Alliance Studios, and Zen Creative. It goes live today, November 25. Although the sprays are time limited, the mode itself is not. It will remain available in Creative Mode, for good, after its release.

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