Ghost of Tsushima Fan Director Reveals Thor Ragnarok Easter Egg

A talented filmmaker was inspired by one of Marvel’s most epic scenes when creating a shot for his Ghost of Tsushima short.

An incredible short film paying homage to Ghost of Tsushima contains a nod to one of the most epic scenes shot in a Marvel movie. Many aspects of PlayStation Ghost of Tsushima helped the title stand out from other open-world games, including its outstanding graphics and sound design. The open-world title puts players in the shoes of a young samurai as he struggles to recruit allies and reclaim the beautiful Japanese island of Tsushima from an overwhelming force of invaders.

Stunning visuals and tight gameplay helped Ghost of Tsushima stand out from the many massive games available today. Still, the game developers’ attention to detail in its world made its location incredibly vivid. Leaves fall from the trees as the wind creates waves of green grass as players ride horses through the vast landscape of Tsushima’s actual location. Thanks to the captivating style and captivating storytelling, it’s no surprise that the game has helped fuel the passion of artists around the world. And a filmmaker Ghost of Tsushima short film was also inspired by one of Thor: Ragnorokbreathtaking scenes.

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An incredibly dramatic shot of the Ghost of Tsushima short film titled “Kiru” was inspired by Taika Waititi Thor: Ragnarok. Stephen Ford, the filmmaker behind the project, recently tweeted about the Marvel easter egg contained in his short. The lighting and emotions captured by the camera during one of the final scenes of the short film depict a similar moment that inspired the shot of by Ragnarok Flashback Valkyrie. Both scenes see characters go through a moment of terrible loss and grief, made all the more dramatic by the similar lighting technique. Filmmaker Stephen Ford’s Youtube channel, known as Ascender, also has short films related to other popular series like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, The last of usand many others that are worth seeing.

The visual splendor exhibited in Ghost of Tsushima is something few video games have been able to accomplish. Yet its influence is beautifully captured in the Kiru short film. It is currently unknown what Stephen and his team plan to work on next. Kiru. With the number of references to popular media like Solid metal gear, Seven Samuraiand Kill Bill (to name a few) seen throughout the short, the talent, passion and attention to detail should make the filmmaker a valuable asset to Hollywood. While a Ghost of Tsushima film has been announced, the tone and the bar have been set for a modern samurai film. Time will tell if Hollywood can match the level of creativity and passion found in Kiru.

With Ghost of Tsushima final update released, development is officially complete for the acclaimed samurai game. There are rumors of a Ghost of Tsushima 2 being in development, hopefully containing the same beauty and tight gameplay found in the first game but in a new location. Until there is an official announcement, fans who want more Ghost of Tsushima content can view Stephen Ford’s emotional tribute Kiru. With a bit of luck, Ghost of TsushimaThe influence of will bring more epic samurai themed stories.

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