Grand Theft Auto 5 delay may have affected PS Plus

The two Grand Theft Auto 5 and PS More are currently in a strange space. GTA 5is the most recent Improved and extended the trailer has been swamped with dislikes, while the past two months have fallen short of the overall standard quality of PS Plus’s monthly offerings. And while the two may seem disconnected at first, the relationship between PS Plus and GTA 5 is something that has already been established.

Grand Theft Auto 5The new edition of is slated for release on November 11 before the most recent trailer confirms it’s overdue until March 2022. No specific date has been given, but at the very least, fans are waiting four more months. Originally, Rockstar /GTA 5 and Sony / PS Plus had a deal that would have made November 2022 an important month for all parties, but as long as the deal is in place, it looks like November may not be so important anymore.

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PS Plus offers decline in final months of 2021

ps and ps5 games

As mentioned above, the free PS Plus games for August and September were lackluster compared to previous months. That’s not to say that the offers themselves are bad, but that the attractiveness and variety of service doesn’t really show in these offers. That means a lot of travel in October: if it’s another lackluster month, fans will likely have to lower their expectations for a few months until Sony gets the hype back on.

And that seems likely because there is nothing released by 2022 that qualifies for Sony’s PS Plus games. Its smaller games that it might highlight may already be pre-ordered, which excludes them from the PS Plus selection, and its bigger games don’t release on the first Tuesday of the month. In other words, the well that provides the free games of PS Plus is dry, and the lag of GTA 5 does not help with that.

GTA 5 would have been a big PS Plus benefit in November 2021

extended and improved gta 5

The deal between Sony and Rockstar Games is still ongoing GTA 5‘s Expanded and improved edition, with players getting a RGT $ 1 million per month until then. But, in November, the original plan reportedly saw PS5 owners get the standalone version of GTA Online free. The standalone version of the game releases around the same time as the base GTA 5 improved and extended edition, and it looks like PS Plus may not have needed to claim it, just to play it.

The wording of the announcement was unclear, and a November 11 release would not fit into normal PS Plus settings. it could have been that GTA Online was going to be published early before GTA 5 itself, which is not necessarily unknown, and it could have been a PS Plus game. Even if it wasn’t, PS Plus is required to play online games like GTA 5, so the two went hand in hand regardless.

If PS Plus had a normal month in November, as well as a free release of GTA Online, that would have been a big statement from both companies. May be GTA 5 will actually confirm its March 2022 release date to March 1, which clearly makes it a PS Plus game.

Either way, the fact remains that GTA 5 had some relationship with PS Plus, and if it was initially released in November, it would have ensured a solid month for PS Plus, regardless of how it was offered on the Sony platform. Now that is delayed to March, and Sony does not have the pool of games available to keep PS Plus on the same model that it has been since the launch of the PS5. GTA 5The delay weakened the benefits of PS Plus for this year, to say the least.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Improved and Extended releases for PS5 and Xbox Series X in March 2022.

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