Grand Theft Auto 5 Fan Points Out Depressing Prologue Mission Details

A Auto grand theft 5 player pointed out a rather depressing fact about the game’s prologue mission. Rock Stars Auto grand theft 5 takes place primarily in Los Santos, San Andreas, but the game’s story begins in an entirely different location.

Auto grand theft 5 is known for his memorable prologue mission which takes place in Ludendorff, North Yankton. It is here that Michael, Trevor and their partner Brad take part in a robbery attempt that goes wrong. The job turns into a shootout and a car chase, and when all is said and done, the story jumps to the present day. Fans picked up the game’s North Yankton section in search of Easter eggs and clues, finding a frozen alien under the river in the process. However, the last detail highlighted about the prologue is not an easter egg, but rather a depressing fact about the game.


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The GTA 5 The prologue mission takes place nine years before the main game. As Reddit user donqon pointed out, this equates to the age of the Auto grand theft 5 the game is today. GTA 5 first released on September 17, 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and so it recently turned nine itself. Besides serving as a grim reminder of the passage of time, it also puts into perspective how long fans have been waiting to play. Grand Automatic Flight 6.

Unfortunately for GTA fans can’t wait to finally play Grand Automatic Flight 6, they will probably have to wait a few more years. A reputable insider said the Grand Automatic Flight 6 the release window is 2024 or 2025, which means fans have to wait at least two to three more years to play the game. That’s no surprise, considering the project was just finally confirmed to be in development earlier this year, but it may still be disappointing for those who waited so long for a new GTA live.

Fans of Rockstar Games’ work might be disappointed with the general lack of new game releases from the studio since GTA 5launch 2013. There was a time when Rockstar regularly released new games, but as game development became more demanding and Rockstar’s standards increased, its production was considerably slower. Rockstar’s Only New Full-Scale Release Between Auto grand theft 5 launched and was now 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2.

There was a chance that the huge Grand Automatic Flight 6 hack could have thrown a wrench in Rockstar’s development plans, but the company said the leak would not impact the game’s development. Assuming all goes well, Grand Theft Auto players should be able to play the game within the next few years or so.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development.

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