‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ could get its first gameplay trailer this year

A reliable Rockstar Games insider thinks the first Grand Automatic Flight 6 trailer will be released this year. Better yet, it will likely be a full gameplay trailer.

Originally reported by sportskeedainsider, Tez2, suggested on GTA Forums that a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer could be unveiled later this year.

While there’s no hint of what to expect, if it does happen, it’s a definite improvement over other early trailers. Many early trailers are teaser clips, with some focusing on CGI or even just a game logo. Tez2 also has a form to be correct. At the beginning of 2022, they said that Grand Automatic Flight 6 would be announced with “an expected release one year later”. In the past, they were also right on many GTA online updates too.

When Rockstar first announced Auto grand theft 5 in 2011, he followed the news with a trailer the same year.

Earlier this week, Take-Two explained during a recent company earnings call that the focus would be on single-player games. According to GAMINGbible, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick explained that “Rockstar is known for storytelling.” He added that he is also “known for these fantastic open-world experiences”.

It was only last week that Rockstar confirmed that Grand Automatic Flight 6 development is “on track”. Previously, analysts suggested the game could be released by March 2024 due to Take-Two’s latest financial guidelines.

In other huge gaming news, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and a new one war zone was confirmed for 2022. The games “are being designed together from the ground up” with a new engine to boot.