Grand Theft Auto Games source code has been retro-designed

In February, fans managed to reverse engineer the source code for Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. A week later, publisher Take-Two sued them and had the projects withdrawn. Now, in June, they are back.

If there’s anything worse than a takedown notice, it’s issuing one and not having the mustard to back it up. Although it should also be noted here that restoring the project at this point is just in line with how withdrawals work, as copyright holders have 10-14 days to bring legal action, which Take-Two does has not yet continued. So the games are going up. It’s still unclear if they’ll pursue this later.

As Eurogamer reports, modders actually took issue with Take-Two’s original takedown notice, which saw the projects removed from Github. When Take-Two didn’t respond to that, GitHub simply restored them, making them available for free for anyone to download again.

If you’re wondering why these projects are so cool when these games have been available on PC for a very long time, it’s simple: when you try to modify the original games, you get stuck working within the confines of that original code. . When the source code itself is available, however, you essentially have the keys to the realm.

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  • Grand Theft Auto Games source code has been retro-designed
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