Grand Theft Auto Online Ghost Girl is still one of the spookiest Easter eggs in gaming

Rockstar Games is known for stuffing its releases with a plethora of quirks and weird encounters. From Red Dead Redemption 2′s mysterious mural by Francis Synclair that contains cryptic depictions of a supposed time traveler’s exploits to ancient alien sightings, the developers aren’t afraid to really go there if it means shocking players. Also, grand theft auto online is no different, as ever-changing Easter eggs are in abundance for fans. However, hardly any are more infamous within the community than the Ghost Girl of Mount Gordo.


The ghost that haunts the vast valleys of Mount Gordo must be one of Grand Theft Auto Online’The spookiest Easter Eggs out there, but unlike other secrets, there’s more to this in mind than just being a fun bit of horror thrown into the game. Over the years, fans have pieced together scattered story fragments to theorize who the Ghost of Mount Gordo really is, and he has a particularly dark origin story. Either way, a lot of progress has been made on her case, with the community now discovering new strategies that allow players to get a close-up view of the ghost girl, as this is much harder than it looks. it seems.

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Speaking of which, Reddit user AuraMasta420 posted a short 19-second clip to the grand theft auto online subreddit that demonstrates such a tactic for other users. The video opens with AuraMasta420 traversing the cliffs of Mount Gordo, a GTA online place infamous for its scary experiments, between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. Everything looks fine in the middle of the video until the specter appears at the edge of the rock face. Usually she disappears when approached, although using the stated method of standing where she once stood and opening the phone’s camera, players can get a clear glimpse of the ghost girl. .

Upon closer inspection, the ghost has a permanent petrified expression on its face, as well as a windswept robe. However, she is nothing more than a silent two-dimensional JPEG, and her appearance doesn’t reveal much about her identity, but the message “JOCK” written in blood near her feet is very telling. After all, fans may recognize the name Jock Cranley, a corrupt politician featured in Grand Theft Auto 5′the content of the story. Before pushing pencils, Jock was smashing cars as a budding stuntman in Blaine County, the rural southern San Andreas county where Mount Gordo is located.


However, things turned sour after the in-game newspaper Senora Beach ran a story about the death of Jock’s wife, Jolene Cranley-Evans. According to the article, Jolene “fell” to her death from the cliffs after arguing with her husband. Jock had wanted to move to Los Santos to solidify his stunt career, but Jolene didn’t want to be part of that future. Because of this, Jock was suspected of pushing Jolene off the cliff, but the case was dropped due to insufficient evidence. With that information on the table, the ghost is Jolene, who wrote “JOCK” on the rock where she died to tell onlookers the truth.

In short, despite the age grand theft auto online that is, players always try to crack all the nuts buried on the map. Luckily, as the game is regularly updated to date, Rockstar could introduce more lore-based mysteries into the game for the community to scramble for clues and answers.

grand theft auto online is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions launching on March 15.

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