Grand Theft Auto Online should add gang warfare

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been able to endure for years for many reasons. Its world is incredibly detailed and there is never a shortage of activities to participate in. It also features three protagonists whose narratives intertwine to tell a gripping criminal story. But above all, Grand Theft Auto 5 was kept alive by Grand Theft Auto Online which takes players to a Los Santos populated by players from all over the world. In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can work to become wealthy entrepreneurs, compete in races, or just wreak havoc.


Although Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly receiving updates, it has yet to include the types of gang warfare available in previous GTA games. The inclusion of gang warfare would open up new gameplay options and give players more reasons to visit different areas of the map.

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Gang warfare in previous Grand Theft Auto games

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grove Street Families Feature

Gang warfare has been part of many Grand Theft Auto Games. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a 2004 Rockstar game set in San Andreas, a fictional US state that contains Los Santos. Players take control of Carl Johnson, better known as CJ, who returns to his hometown shortly after his mother’s death. Upon returning to Los Santos, he realizes that his gang, the Grove Street Families, are in disarray and he promises to take care of any issues the gang faces.

After completing a few missions, players can participate in gang warfare. This is done by traveling to territories controlled by rival gangs and killing members of rival gangs. Players will then have to fend off waves of gang members. If the players manage to kill them all, then the territory will be controlled by the Grove Street Families.

Controlling the territory has many advantages. By taking over territory, players gain respect and money. Additionally, when passing through territory controlled by Grove Street Families, players will not be attacked by opposing gangs. Territories controlled by the Grove Street families will occasionally be attacked by enemy gangs and players will have to rush to the scene to defend their territory.

Seizing territory is difficult, as gang members will arrive in waves and they carry a wide range of weapons. To win gang wars, players need to make sure they have enough weapons and ammo to deal with waves of enemies, and they need to have a good understanding of the land layout as it is easy to get around. let it overwhelm enemies.

Gang war returns in Grand Theft Auto 4. In The LOST and damned, which is the DLC at grand Theft Auto 4, players take control of Johnny, who is part of a motorcycle gang called The Lost MC. To start a gang war, players must get on their motorbikes and travel to a designated meeting point before heading into enemy territory. The more gang wars Johnny completes, the more enemies he will have to face. Enemies will also come with more powerful weapons. As is the case in San Andreas, The LOST and damned offers rewards to players who complete gang wars.

Gang wars are a fun addition to anything Grand Theft Auto game, as they allow players to unload their weapons on hordes of enemies. Sadly, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online have not yet included anything that matches the peaks of gang wars in San Andreas and grand Theft Auto 4.

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Gang warfare in Grand Theft Auto Online

gta 5 franklin clinton official illustrations

Although Grand Theft Auto In line doesn’t have gang warfare, it features gang attacks. Players will receive a call from Martin Madrazo requesting that some of his enemies be killed. Gang attacks take place in different locations at different times, and they can be activated by shooting enemies. Players will then have to survive as a deluge of enemies push their way through. The higher the player rank, the more powerful the weapons enemies will carry.

While these missions are fun, they don’t compare to the gang warfare found in San Andreas. There are many ways for Rockstar to replicate the San Andreas Gang War in GTA Online. As is the case in San Andreas, GTA OnlineThe map of could be divided into different territories. Players could then team up with their friends, join a gang, and take on other players who are defending their territory.

The gang with the most territory could be rewarded with a steady stream of passive income from controlling their territory, and they should also protect their territory from opposing gangs who wish to expand. Getting players to join different gangs to fight for control of the territory would allow players to return to GTA Online to prevent their gang from losing power. A desire for such gameplay was seen during alien gang wars where players donned green and purple alien suits and attacked each other using only melee weapons.

Franklin’s inclusion in GTA Online Thanks to the contract update gives more reasons for gang warfare to make a comeback. In The Contract, Franklin built a great life as a company and his ventures ultimately led him to Dr. Dre. Franklin and his friend Lamar are both part of families, and a plot that takes him back to his gangster roots could be easily woven. Of course, gang wars should be accepted so that players who are not interested in it can keep playing without worrying about competing with gangs.

Grand Theft Auto Online may be many years old, but there is still a lot to do with the beautiful town of Los Santos. The inclusion of gang wars that pit families against the Ballas would certainly be a nostalgic blast from the past. It could also be a way to unify players against a common enemy, allowing players to experience a sense of camaraderie while rewarding teamwork.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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