Grand Theft Auto trilogy to launch in November according to leak

According to a new leak, Rockstar Games may be planning to release Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition in November 2021.

According to a new leak, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be released in November. At the moment, the game’s release is confirmed in 2021, so there isn’t a very big window for Rockstar to release it. Rockstar would have had two “new” Grand Theft Auto releases in 2021 had he not delayed the remaster of Grand Theft Auto V, but the collection can fill its place.

Rockstar has confirmed that the widespread remastered RGT The trilogy will be released later this year last week. The trilogy will include Grand Theft Auto 3, City of vice, and San Andreas and will be released on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and for the first time on Nintendo Switch. That said, Rockstar has yet to provide any substantive details regarding the trilogy. The developer has announced some general improvements to the games, but has yet to go in-depth or show screenshots or footage from the remasters.

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Game insider Tom Henderson noted in an article for Intel Games as sources said Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be released on November 11, 2021. While Henderson has a strong track record and that fits another report of a November release for the RGT trilogy is still a rumor. That said, if this rumor is true, Rockstar would release the trilogy on the same day as the GTA V trilogy remaster was originally slated for release before it was overdue.

GTA 3 content teased for GTA Online

The latter is now coming out in March 2022, so Rockstar may well change that. The developer hasn’t given a concrete date to share more information about the game, but it should happen this month. Grand Theft Auto 3The 20th anniversary of is October 22, 2021, which seems like the logical day for more information regarding these remasters. In addition, the developer will release some GTA 3 contained in GTA Online the whole month of October.

Rockstar has also confirmed that it will be removing the original versions of the RGT trilogy from digital platforms like Steam, but players can still download the originals if they own them. It looks like this new collection will become the norm for these three games in the future. Rumors have suggested that the collection isn’t a drastically different experience and rather looks like a heavily modified version of the original games running on Unreal Engine. It’s unclear how much this collection will cost or if there will be new content beyond the technical improvements, but it looks like Rockstar will be sharing more very soon.

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