GTA 3 – Definitive Edition: Espresso-2-Go Guide (all pit locations)

With the release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, players have the opportunity to discover Grand Theft Auto 3 in a whole new light. It is because the GTA: the trilogy has revamped the iconic game with additions such as updated environments, including remastered textures and character models. However, something that hasn’t changed from the original version is the incredible difficulty of the long and infamous “Espresso-2-Go!”

For the uninitiated, Grand Theft Auto 3 stars silent protagonist Claude Speed, a lower-ranking bank robber who spends the game trying to get revenge on his stabbed ex-girlfriend, Catalina. However, throughout his quest for revenge, Claude rubs shoulders with some of Liberty City’s most vile criminals. One of those modern day outlaws is Yakuza member Asuka Kasen, who arguably gives Claude the most difficult assignment in the entire franchise.


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How to start “Espresso-2-Go!” in GTA 3


To start “Espresso-2-Go!” in Grand Theft Auto 3: The Definitive Edition, players must first meet Asuka Kasen. It is located inside a Panlantic construction company construction site in Fort Staunton, Liberty City.

Once inside, a cutscene will trigger that shows new Chief Yakuza torturing Miguel by whipping him in the face with a long stick. Asuka then reveals that while the torture was mostly boring, one thing she managed to take away from Miguel is that Catalina has more ways to sell narcotics than relying only on street dealers. The main method of distribution is the stalls of Espresso-2-Go stores.

How to fill “Espresso-2-Go!” in GTA 3


With this information on the table, Asuka tells Claude to destroy the nine Espresso-2-Go stands and that after destroying the first stand, he will have eight hours to eliminate the rest before the cartel notifies its dealers. Easier said than done, fans often consider “Espresso-2-Go!” like the hardest ever Grand Theft Auto mission. This is because of the tight timer which can make the experience incredibly frustrating for those who haven’t memorized every nook and cranny of Liberty City.

Where to find all Espresso-2-Go stands in GTA 3


Players will have to act fast and strike hard if they want to destroy all the counterfeit shops within the allotted time, as Espresso-2-Go stands are set up in every corner of the city. Grand Theft Auto 3 large and detailed map. Speaking of which, the stalls can be found in the following locations:

Shore Valley

  • Pike brook – Near the hospital.
  • François International Airport – Besides the statue.

It should also be noted that after the destruction of the first stall of Shore Valley, a cartel cruiser will start to crash into Claude’s car. The men inside will carry Uzis in their effort to stop him, so a useful tactic is to get out of the vehicle and exit the cruiser on foot, as their machine guns are much less effective on Claude than on cars.

Staunton Island

  • Belleville Park – In the courtyard of a building.
  • Belleville Park – On the west side of the park.
  • Bedford Point – Near the church.
  • Bedford Point – Near the edge of the road, towards the center.
  • Torrington – Near the large starry statue.

Isle of Portland

  • St. Mark – By a parking lot.
  • Trenton – Opposite the entrance to the shipping dock.

Fortunately, successfully completing the mission rewards Claude with a nice sum of $ 40,000. Although, for those struggling players who need a little help with the laborious task, weapons can be generated using cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 3, but this will lock in trophies and achievements.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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