GTA 5 for Xbox Series X and PS5 apparently removes transphobic content

Rockstar Games fans noticed that the famous developer apparently removed transphobic content from Grand Theft Auto V with the reissue Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The new version of Grand Theft Auto V isn’t a giant leap from the previous version, but it’s probably the best way to experience Rockstar’s game. It includes a number of visual improvements such as new effects, 4K resolution, 60FPS, etc., but it’s generally the same game as before. Many were disappointed with the lack of changes and new additions, but it also looks like Rockstar made a change that they didn’t outright announce.

Rockstar Games apparently removed transphobic content from the game. In previous versions, there were trans cartoons and “drag queens” outside of a place called Cockatoos, which is located next to Los Santos Customs. near Michael’s house (via Kirsty Cloud). The characters would appear in them and the protagonists of the single-player campaign would make inappropriate comments to them that could be perceived as transphobic. These NPCs and the aforementioned dialogue have drawn criticism in recent years and have been considered obsolete by some players. Their NPCs are still present in the game’s director mode, which allows players to stage scenes and record videos as they please. Although this version is only available on current-gen consoles, the ESRB has leaked that the new version of GTA 5 comes to PC. We reached out to Rockstar Games for comment, but they didn’t respond in time for publication.

At this time, it’s not explicitly clear if they’ve been removed from the game or just don’t spawn properly. If they were removed, it’s also unclear whether that was intentional or a mistake. Rockstar Games is known for its bold content, managing to overcome many controversies over the years. Grand Theft Auto V garnered mainstream media attention upon release for featuring a playable torture sequence in the campaign, but the mission was left untouched for all of its re-releases.

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