GTA 5 Leak Reveals a Surprise for PS5 and Xbox Series X Players

A new GTA 5 leak revealed new next-gen bonus GRand Vol Auto fans can look forward to on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Rockstar Games touted the ports as an “expanded and improved” version of the game. So far, it hasn’t really demonstrated how it’s been expanded or improved, and with Rockstar Games committing to a release before the end of March, time is running out to demonstrate it, unless, of course, the game is delayed. , which, according to some rumors, is exactly what will happen. That said, while Rockstar Games still isn’t talking about next-gen versions of the game in an official capacity, a new leak has given Grand Theft Auto fans something to chew on while waiting for an official update.

Last year, Rockstar Games insider Tez2 relayed the word that GTA online on PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X would have a character transfer. Now they and WildBrick12 have relayed the word that there is a new clothing category in the game files called “Gen 9 exclusive” which offers exclusive clothing to transfer characters to the next-gen versions.

As expected, some Grand Theft Auto fans aren’t too impressed with this leak. Without context there isn’t much to dispute, but there is context; Grand Theft Auto fans are desperate to hear about meaningful additions and improvements, which is not the case.

“What the fuck is this. Do they even add new features? We don’t need arbitrary bonuses, like returning player bulls**T. We need features and substantial additions. Like a new way of working clothes (similar to RDR2), more options for clothing. etc,” writes a news fan. “If they want my money, they better do a little better than some clothes,” added another player.

That said, it’s important to remember that not everything here is official. This comes straight from the game files, but it’s not the same as coming straight out of the mouth of Rockstar Games PR. At the time of publication, this leak has not elicited any type of comment from Rockstar Games. We don’t expect that to change, but if it does, we’ll be sure to update the story accordingly.