GTA 5: Trevor really has a good side

While Trevor is undoubtedly the most chaotic and violent character in GTA 5, there are a few instances where he shows a bit of compassion and loyalty.

Trevor Phillips of Auto grand theft 5 is known to be one of the most violent and diabolical characters in the GTA series, but there is evidence that he also has some good in him. Of course, there’s no way to completely redeem Trevor’s constant chaotic behavior. However, there seems to be a lot more to him than the surface-level brutality and anger he constantly displays.

Trevor Philips is one of the three protagonists of GTA 5, with Michael and Franklin. Trevor’s relationship with Michael is strained and often volatile, with the two threatening to kill each other several times throughout the story. Although Trevor spends most of GTA 5 being furious with Michael, there are a few instances where he shows how much he cares and is still loyal despite the betrayal. Trevor also has interactions with a few other characters where he shows some decency.


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Trevor’s good side is only shown to a few characters throughout the story in GTA 5, and that’s pretty rare compared to the mounds of chaos it produces. The rarity and contrast to his normal behavior make Trevor’s few good moments stand out as memorable scenes in GTA 5. These moments may not be as painfully unforgettable as Trevor trampling a man to death or performing torture for fun, but they serve to make him a bit more dynamic and interesting as a person.

Trevor immediately helps Michael in GTA 5

After learning that Michael entered witness protection in GTA 5 and isn’t actually dead, Trevor immediately heads to Los Santos to confront him. However, the conversation is quickly interrupted by Michael’s family drama. Trevor immediately puts his feelings aside to help Michael find his daughter Tracey before she embarrasses herself at a Fame or Shame audition. When Michael’s anger gets the better of him and he goes after Lazlow, Trevor backs him up and joins in for a daunting and demanding revenge on him. Even after the ordeal is over, Trevor gives Michael space to sort out his family issues instead of demanding answers or responding to his betrayal with violence.

No matter how hurt or angry Trevor was about Michael faking his death in GTA 5, he couldn’t let anyone fool Tracey because he cares deeply for the De Santa family. He even mentions to Lazlow that he held Tracey on his lap when she was young and never let anyone hurt her. As revenge—and also to make sure Tracey’s audition doesn’t get aired—he records an embarrassing video of Lazlow and threatens to share it. Trevor clearly sees that Michael’s family has a lot of problems, and his hindsight shows that he wants them to solve their problems.

Trevor never gave up looking for Brad in GTA 5

Trevor has a close relationship with Brad before the events of GTA 5. Trevor receives communications from Brad before discovering the truth about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s fake death. In addition to witness protection for Michael, the FIB cover-up included a false story that Brad was in jail and was denied visitation. Later in GTA 5, Trevor realizes that Brad was buried instead of Michael and that the letters and emails he received were fake. Trevor is supposedly furious with Michael and feels betrayed again, but instead of killing him he just refuses to talk to him. This changes at the end of the game, although there is still a lot of noticeable tension between the two when they start talking again.

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GTA 5Trevor shows the fierce loyalty he has to his former crew to the point where it’s clear he considered Michael and Brad family. Despite his violent nature and frequent outbursts, Trevor still seeks human connection on some level. Trevor expresses his pain in anger when he finds Brad dead – a reasonable reaction, all things considered – but he still stops himself from killing Michael, as he also cares for him despite his betrayal. Throughout history in GTA 5he clings to Michael, then to Franklin, asserting himself in their respective lives.

Trevor lets Mr. K live in GTA 5

Arguably the most brutally uncomfortable and pointless scene in GTA 5 This is when Trevor is assigned to torture FIB prisoner Mr. K for information. Trevor has no problem torturing the prisoner in various ways, but it’s what happens after that shows he has some decency. Once the FIB has the information they need, Trevor is ordered to kill Mr. K, but he unexpectedly decides to take him to the airport so he can flee the country and share his story. . Trevor ignores Mr. K’s pleas to return to his family, but he also knows his return will get him killed. It’s a small act of mercy that in no way compensates for the pain inflicted by Trevor, but it’s still better than killing him.

GTA 5 Shows Trevor’s Softer Side With Patricia Madrazo

What begins as a kidnapping in GTA 5 turns into a romantic relationship between Trevor and Patricia Madrazo. Trevor sees GTA 5Martin Madrazo abuses Patricia, and also later comments that it’s better not to cheat on her anymore. Although he technically kidnaps her because he feels underpaid by Martin, Patricia stays with him without making any escape attempts. In fact, throughout Patricia’s time with Trevor, she seems to take on the role of caretaker as she cleans up his trailer and looks after his well-being by keeping him from sniffing gasoline. Even when Michael and Trevor both leave the trailer, Patricia sees them leaving telling them to have fun and then goes back inside instead of trying to leave.

Regardless of how the relationship started, Patricia is the person Trevor is nicest to. GTA 5, and he repeatedly mentions that he respects her. He defends the relationship with Michael but ultimately lets her go claiming he would never hold her back. Although seemingly unable to love, Trevor finds a way to build a relationship with Patricia that is healthier than any of his other relationships, and he accepts that his time with her must end without falling into a state of uncontrolled fury. Trevor doesn’t get much character growth throughout the story in Auto grand theft 5but he shows a deeper level of emotion that shows his less evil side.

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