GTA 6 fans want to break into Rockstar’s offices in a GTA Online-style heist

Grand Theft Auto fans who are fed up with Rockstar Games making them wait for GTA 6 have started suggesting ways to enter the company’s offices and reveal the expected title themselves.

Since the release of GTA 5, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next game in the series. Now, with the GTA V on PS5 re-release delayed in March and GTA Trilogy Remastered still unofficial, some want to take matters into their own hands.

In a post on the GTA 6 subreddit, users noticed a picker outside the offices of Rockstar North and started speculating. (Yes, unfortunately it happened to this)

“Could a new vinyl be installed?” One user suggested, while uploading a photo of the cherry picker. Soon after, the fans started to have some crazy ideas.

Probably nothing, but this aerial work platform has just been dropped outside Rockstar North. Could a new vinyl be installed? by GTA6

Fans suggest ‘barging’ into Rockstar offices

“Are we really chasing down desks with macro + polarized lenses to try and see what’s going on on their computers now?” One fan joked.

“I’m surprised someone hasn’t sent one of those micro-drones through their ventilation system yet to fly over there on some Indiana Jones shit,” remarked another.

These jokes actually ended up getting the ball rolling on other concepts, dubbed the “Rockstar Office Burglary”.

rock star games

Fans were joking about a real heist at Rockstar.

GTA 6 fans want a GTA Online meta heist

“Honestly, it would be interesting if the next GTAO heist would revolve around the headquarters of a tech company and steal some kind of software, maybe even a game that’s never been released,” one player suggested. “The amount of potential meta-content would be through the roof, maybe with a few convoluted teasers / trolls mixed in for thirsty fans to check out. As fun as it may be, I doubt that will ever happen. “

Many players were in favor of the idea and provided their own twists on the suggestion of such a meta-mission.

“Well, they already have the offices of Tech Brother Lifeinvader with assets for one player that they can copy and paste into the mission, so if they wanted to do an Auto Shop mini-heist in that sense, that wouldn’t be. not even a big effort, ”said a Redditor explained.

Leaked GTA 6 map
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Fans are fed up with waiting for GTA 6.

“A story about a thirsty fan wants to pay you to break into the offices of LifeInvader because you’re fed up with waiting 8 years, he baselessly suspects they have unheard-of-before Righteous Slaughter 8 for the Lifeinvader VR, none of which haven’t even been confirmed to exist yet. Then it turns out the baseless suspicions are true.

Whether Rockstar Games actually thinks it’s a good idea remains to be seen, but such a meta-case could be a great way to finally reveal GTA 6 to the world.

Until then, however, fans are stuck speculating on a literal cherry picker outside of the company’s offices.