GTA 6 should look more like Grand Theft Auto 4 and not GTA 5

When Grand Automatic Flight 6 finally comes out, he has to take more cues from Grand Theft Auto 4 that 5. Whereas GTA 5 and GTA online carried the series through an entire generation of consoles, the style of grand theft auto 4 would be more appropriate for the next title. While that’s a change from how the series has been for the past decade, it could keep future games relevant.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is arguably one of the most anticipated games currently in production. GTA 5 was the biggest game in the series so far, and GTA 6 has a lot to do to achieve the success of the previous game. However, perhaps the best way to do this is not to follow in her footsteps, but rather try to emulate the lesser-loved one. grand theft auto 4. While not as prominent as its sequel, persistent rumors of a grand theft auto 4 remaster shows it has its fans and its approach is worth considering.


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GTA 4’s story had a stronger emotional core than GTA 5

Niko and Roman Bellic hug each other in Grand Theft Auto 4

When Grand Theft Auto 4 came out, it was criticized for having a more austere tone than was typical for the series. Even though grand theft auto 4 might be a little depressing at points, the game had real strength to inject emotion into its story. Although Niko is definitely not a good guy, the game managed to pass a lot of reasonable motives on him, giving him a leg up on GTA 5 in this regard.

In Grand Theft Auto 4Niko’s ambitions differ from many others GTA protagonists. Although he is a professional criminal, he has no ambition to rise further in the underworld. His goal is to find the man who betrayed him and his childhood friends in Serbia before the events of grand theft auto 4. Additionally, he also shows a strong protective streak towards those close to him, especially his foolish cousin Roman. In fact, it’s for Roman’s sake that Niko gets entangled in Liberty City’s organized crime networks to begin with. In comparison, the GTA 5 the crew is mostly focused on getting rich and solving the latest problems they have fallen into.

Niko’s dual goals of avenging his lost friends and protecting Roman gives him a surprising amount of humanity, especially considering how brutal he is both in-game and in his backstory. Whereas GTA 5 is basically an over-the-top adventure through one setting after another, GTA 4 is more discreet and sober. Grand Theft Auto isn’t known for its subtlety, but taking a more restrained and emotional approach could pay off in the next installment. With what has been revealed on GTA 6this idea is quite plausible.

The outrageously edgy nature of GTA 5 could be obsolete for GTA 6

It's hard to like Trevor Philips as a character.

Grand Theft Auto is a series that has pushed the boundaries since the beginning, and Auto grand theft 5 pushed harder than any title before. The game’s bold sense of humor and satire became one of its calling cards and was impossible to ignore in gameplay. However, that same type of abrasiveness in your face may already be out of fashion by the time Grand Theft Auto 6 spell. Impersonating it carries the risk of making the game look dated when it’s still a new release.

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Auto grand theft 5 lived up to the show’s reputation for being violent and controversial and went a few steps further. The game tries to ridicule as many aspects of society as possible and takes more risks than it has since. San Andreas Hot coffee scandal. An obvious example of this is the whole character of Grand Theft Autothe worst protagonist, Trevor Philips. He’s basically a violent, reckless criminal with next to no restraint, and he’s one of the protagonists. A good chunk of his scenes involve him doing something violent, disturbing, or bizarre, often on a whim, and it’s often played for shocking laughs. He is also the main participant in GTA 5disturbing torture scene, giving the game another controversial feather in its cap.

Trying to be shocking to make people laugh and get attention can work, but it’s often not sustainable. Saints Row 3 is a good example of a game that went too far in that direction and ended up feeling dated and awkward. Whereas GTA 5 didn’t go that far, his edgy nature may end up being detrimental if GTA 6 try to recreate it. GTA 6 doesn’t need Trevor’s shock comedy, which could easily go out of style once GTA 6 spell.

GTA 4 was more immersive than GTA 5

Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto

A game’s story is one of its most important aspects, and it’s vital to keep players engaged. When it came to history, grand theft auto 4 had an impressive and immersive plot for a series known more for controversy than storytelling. Whereas GTA 5the own history of can sometimes lack depth, GTA 4 manages to make the player feel like an essential part of the setting.

During grand theft auto 4, the player guides Niko through numerous missions, both in and out of the main story, which help establish Niko as well as the world of Liberty City. The game even allows the player to make major decisions in a few scenarios by having Niko choose between two conflicting characters. While some of them are simple choices like grand theft auto 4between Dwayne and Playboy X, they play a part in making the player feel like an important part of Liberty City.

While many of GTA 5 rose to do random chores around town between break-ins, grand theft auto 4 connects things well. Looks like the missions in grand theft auto 4 all build something, even those disconnected from the main plot. It feels like the player has an important role rather than just pulling off big heists, and so the game feels more natural.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is not without flaws, but it is a better plan for GTA 6 that 5. By retaining the more edgy qualities of the series while emphasizing the story, the game will be stronger overall. Grand Automatic Flight 6 has high expectations for the sequel GTA 5but that does not mean that he must follow the same path.

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