GTA Modder recreates Spider-Man scoring meme in GTA 5

A modder recreated the classic Spider-Man pointing meme in GTA 5 using different versions of the universe of the series’ silent protagonist, Claude.

A modder recreated the classic Spider-Man pointing meme in Grand Theft Auto V using different universe versions of Grand Theft Auto silent protagonist Claude. The silent criminal with an unknown background made his first appearance in Rockstar Games’ first groundbreaking sandbox Grand Theft Auto III as the main protagonist of the title. Although separate universes, he is often seen as the same chaotic and evil Claude Speed ​​character from the 2D universe who had little to no moral awareness of his actions and can be seen in Grand Theft Auto III having the same moral. The character did not return in RGTthe HD universe of in subsequent installments but appears in Grand Theft Auto Onlinecreating the character of as a parent character model.


The famous “Pointing Spider-Man” meme has been around for over a decade, with the first known use of the two characters dressed as Spider-Man pointing at each other as of 2011. The image used in the The meme is much older, however, and comes from the very first crawler cartoon series where Spider-Man takes on an impostor who frames him after he robs an art museum. Although popularized at the start of the decade, the meme continues to be featured frequently on social media and is referenced in several other comics, movies, and video games. Developer Epic Games recently joined in the fun by adding a “Pointing Spider-Man” emote to Fortnite, allowing players to piece together the popular meme.

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Posted on Twitter by NotDoctorMike, the modder shared a recreation of the classic Spider-Man pointing meme in Grand Theft Auto V. In the screenshot, each version of Claude from the 2D, 3D, and HD universes can be seen pointing to what looks like the escape cutscene at the start of Grand Theft Auto III. While Claude’s 3D universe model from the PS2 era is recognized, it appears that the other two models used for the comedic parody were custom-made by the modder himself, as the character does not additional appearance in the HD universe.

Likewise, it appears to be not the first modding work of art to show appreciation for the Grand Theft Auto series. Following Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive EditionDisastrous launch of with many players making fun of his visual style, NotDoctorMike created new character mods for Claude Speed ​​and Grand Theft Auto Vice Cityis Tommy Vercetti. These new character models allow both RGT the protagonists are more like their original counterparts, with facelifts aimed at staying true to the original designs of both characters.

Modding played an important role in Grand Theft Autothe story of and several parodies recreated by fans would become impossible without certain tools published by modders. As such, it didn’t take long for gamers to replicate the viral return of one of the internet’s most shared memes in the latest Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto installment, and more should appear in the future.

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Grand Theft Auto V is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

Source: PasDoctorMike / Twitter

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