GTA Online Car Chase Recreation Embarrassing Ruined By Police

A Grand Theft Auto Online fan has had his epic chase scene come to an embarrassing end thanks to unwanted interference from the Los Santos police.

One grand theft auto online The player saw their car chase movie recreation ruined by the police, resulting in an embarrassing, but rather fun finale. 2013 Auto grand theft 5 exceeded all analysts’ sales expectations in the years since its release, continuing to be a financial success to this day, and the delight of fans around the world has continued through the steady expansion GTA online. Gamers are currently enjoying the highly successful and recently launched GTA online The contract update.

The last big GTA online update is one of the biggest yet, welcoming some of the most popular characters from GTA 5 into the fray, with Franklin and Chop ready for action. The contract The expansion also features new music tracks from Dr. Dre, alongside the rapper himself. In the update, players are tasked with finding Dre’s lost phone – which contains unreleased music – helping Franklin secure Dre as a client. The contract, released in December, attracts fans of the online elements and the campaign of the latest GTA titles, and even helped solve GTA 5 mysteries like the fate of Michael De Santa.


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GTA online player Outlaw515o was trying to recreate one of the car chase scenes from the movie I’m going in 60 seconds on the streets of Los Santos, but ended up having their plans hilariously foiled by the police. Outlaw515o had put a lot of effort into getting everything ready for their big moment, however, the game’s AI was clearly not on the same page as the player. Shortly after Outlaw515o began his epic Nicholas Cage-style getaway, a series of events saw the police ram his getaway car into a tunnel. That in itself might not have been too much of a problem normally, however, due to a twist of fate, Outlaw515o ended up being turned 90 degrees. The end result let Outlaw515o instead recreate a humorous moment from the film. Austin Powers, as they were trapped between the two walls of the tunnel awaiting their imminent arrest.

Watch the video on Reddit here.

While grand theft auto online clearly still provides a lot of fun for fans, as the video above proves, many are eager to hear more about the next GTA game in the pipeline. There have long been rumors about GTA 6, however, there’s nothing official announced by developer Rockstar Games yet, leading speculation to continue about the rumored game, its setting, and release date.

Even though Rockstar doesn’t seem ready to commit to any news surrounding Grand Automatic Flight 6, the developer still devotes a lot of time and energy to GTA online. The launch of The contract came as a surprise to many and suggests that even bigger content expansions could be on the way for 2022. With more content likely to be added in the future, it doesn’t look like GTA 5 nor its online component will be available soon, especially with the upcoming launch of a next-gen upgrade for GTA 5. This means that Outlaw515o may soon have another chance to recreate their epic chase…without the cops messing it up.

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Source: Outlaw515o/Reddit

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