GTA Online Confirms Franklin Looks Weird When Using His Special

Franklin, Lamar, and Chop return in GTA Online’s The Contract update, and Lamar lets it know that Franklin looks weird using his special ability.

The latest content update from Grand Theft Auto Online, called The contract, includes the return of GTA V protagonist Franklin Clinton, and takes note of his seemingly supernatural ability when handling cars. GTA Online‘s The contract also features new songs by a variety of artists, has guest appearances by Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak, and elaborates on the celebrity solutions agency Franklin began in the years following the events of Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin’s return results in the reappearance of Lamar (who was involved in GTA Online previous missions) and his dog Chop, with Lamar mocking Franklin for making a strange face while using his special ability.


Accompany GTA 5the introduction of three playable characters, which could be swapped between them at will, each received a special ability to differentiate them in terms of gameplay. Micael De Santa has a classic Bullet Time ability, which reduces the time of the game world so that the player can aim more precisely in combat. Maniac Trevor Philips uses an ability in GTA 5The story of Red Mist, which allows her to simultaneously deal more damage and take less damage while the ability is activated. Franklin’s Driving Focus isn’t far removed from Michael’s Bullet Time, but it works specifically while driving ground vehicles, giving the player a lot more control over the car / motorcycle / etc. while other vehicles on the road are slowed down, which is perfect for making quick jaunts.

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Kind of like how Dead-Eye is canonized in Red Dead Redemption with John Marston learning his third level from Landon Ricketts, Franklin’s Driving Focus is noticeable by the characters in the game, with Lamar calling Franklin directly GTA 5 aptitude. During a mission in GTA Online‘s The contractLamar challenges Franklin to a race, but wants to make sure he’s not at a disadvantage, telling Franklin: “Don’t do nothing of that weird supernatural behavior and shit you do. ”A clip of the interaction was uploaded to Twitter by GTABase, where Lamar continues with, “Dude, you know what I mean. When you squint like you’re constipated or some shit“after Franklin feigns ignorance.

GTA Online – Franklin’s Special Ability Has Been Called Before

Lamar repeatedly mentioned Franklin's special ability.

Lamar appears to be keenly aware of Franklin’s potential in motorsport and already mentioned the Driving Focus quite early in his career. GTA 5, when Chop was not that old. In a mission where Franklin, Lamar, and Chop track down and kidnap a member of the Ballas gang, Lamar evokes Franklin’s special ability. He’s mocking Franklin here too, saying it’s “like watching Chop try to read while you do this shit.“Bring these characters together in GTA Online is good fan service, and the dialogue in The contract is not just a clever nod to game mechanics, but a reminder to GTA 5 missions too.

Lamar is the only one who explicitly mentions the special abilities of Tritagonists. Trevor’s propensity for violence is generally known to those he interacts with, but there is no direct talk of his Red Mist ability. At some point in the course GTA 5In Michael’s solo story, Michael’s daughter Tracey mentions that her father has a really good goal, but that doesn’t directly refer to her Bullet Time ability. It’s a bit disappointing Grand Theft Auto In lineThe new update isn’t solo, but it’s nice to see these characters return, bringing their jokes with them.

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Source: GTABase (via Twitter)

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