GTA Online might finally get a much-requested feature

Fast travel was one of The most common requests for “Grand Theft Auto Online” players since its creation. There are already rapidsuh travel systems in “Grant Theft Auto Online” that players can use, such as hailing a taxi, but there is no way for a player to quickly enter a menu, select a location, and be transported there instantly. According to Tez2, those responding to the GTA+ survey said the new feature will temporarily give players “the ability to quickly and instantly travel around Los Santos and Blaine County for free.” Leaks of “Grand Theft Auto 6” revealed more about its much larger world a few months ago, so it would make sense for Rockstar to gauge interest through “Grand Theft Auto Online.”

Although the survey does not give many details on how this system would be implemented, it makes “Grand Theft Auto Online” players excited even the idea of ​​adding fast travel as a feature. Some emphasized the fact that it is technically It is possible to fast travel by exploiting the Heist and Mission systems, but a properly implemented fast travel mechanic would remove this obstacle. However, other fans fear that this feature is inextricably tied to a GTA+ subscription, preventing regular users from taking advantage of it. Only time will tell what Rockstar has planned for the future of Los Santos transportation.