GTA Online Oppressor MK2 nerf confirmed for Summer Update

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Rockstar is ready to nerf GTA Online’s Oppressor Mk II bike that could finally reign supreme in the disruptive vehicle that has plagued Grand Theft Auto players for years.

The studio addressed its Red Dead Online and GTA Online audiences on July 7 with an update on how the developers are juggling its slate of upcoming projects and what players should expect from popular titles in the future. ‘coming.

Among many GTA Online teases like new contact missions, an overhaul to access snacks and armor, and the expansion of criminal careers, it looks like Rockstar wants to deliver the features that the community has long requested.

It will also address one of the more controversial parts of the Online ecosystem that has been terrorizing GTA servers for some time, according to Rockstar’s July 7 blog post.

Rockstar Games/Imgur: Diletant

The Mk2 Oppressor is nerfed in the GTA Online Summer Update.

Rockstar wants to tackle the controversial vehicle by targeting its homing missiles as well as its countermeasures that make it difficult to take down.

Still, it’s a good sign for GTA Online players whose gameplay has been ruined by the many Mk II trolls who go out of their way to kill unsuspecting players.

Rockstar is aware of how unsettling the Oppressors can be and has slowly found ways for GTA players to fight back.

But that still didn’t help as much as RS would have hoped, causing people to come up with their own strategies to counter the Mk II trolls in bizarre ways.

Oppressor MK2 in GTA Online

rock star games

Rockstar plans to help GTA Online players against the MK2 Oppressor trolls.

The studio may soon be making some significant changes to the Oppressor after months of teasing a change to PvP combat that players have been waiting for.

It’ll be interesting to see if the changes improve the situation, but if Rockstar is looking to nerf or remove the missiles from the bike, it could be a step in the right direction.

We’ll have to wait and see what the developers have in store for GTA Online once the summer update arrives, which could mean some big changes for players.