GTA Online Player becomes billionaire after 18,000 hours of play

A dedicated Grand Theft Auto Online player has managed to earn $1 billion in the game after playing for almost six hours a day since 2013.

Anyone can succeed in Los Santos, and now a grand theft auto online The player has become an in-game billionaire after countless hours of logging in. Rocksteady’s massively successful online multiplayer sandbox is filled with virtual activities players can get lost in, from blistering street races to heart-pounding bank robberies. Many GTA online players have gained virtual notoriety by performing reckless stunts, but some are happy enough to sit back and earn mountains of cash by completing GTA online‘s many parallel activities with their friends.


As in real life, money is a useful commodity in grand theft auto online. Players can use it to buy new vehicles, weapons, and even a home bunker to use as their base of operations as they set out to do jobs and earn more money. There are even a lot of GTA online money troubles that can help would-be gangsters get even richer by selling duplicate cars or repeating heists they’ve already made. Even with all these less than legal ways to make money grand theft auto online, not every gamer can claim to be a virtual billionaire. However, one citizen of Los Santos finally became one after literal years of playtime.

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Eurogamer reports that a grand theft auto online player by jamcar70’s Reddit handle recently earned $1 billion. As shown in jamcar70 screenshot posted on r/gtaonlinethis feat took them over two years of in-game time, with outsiders deducing that they should have put in nearly 18,000 hours since GTA online launched in 2013. Jamcar70 notes that they spent a lot of time “AFK on security [cameras]” to increase the amount of money they have passively earned GTA onlineUpdated virtual nightclubs. This drastically reduced the time jamcar70 had to actively play grand theft auto online to build their billion-dollar fortune, but many of their fellow players nevertheless praised them for their achievement.

A lucky player makes a fortune in GTA Online

If it is rare to become a billionaire in grand theft auto online, new ways to earn money are regularly added to the game through special events and updates. One of the most recent GTA online events took place in August that expanded the Cayo Perico area with new races and buried treasures. Other updates gave players more options to get rid of rowdy nightclub patrons and made the tedious task of earning money easier in GTA online by offering bigger payouts for successful heists.

Jamcar70 is one grand theft auto online player who certainly does not struggle for funds, as they have managed to earn no less than a billion dollars after years of commitment and countless investments in the game. One can only imagine what they are planning to do with all that money at stake, but the sky really is the limit in the digital landscape of grand theft auto online.

Source: jamcar70/Reddit (via Eurogamer)