GTA Online Player Becomes Metal Gear’s Snake To Avoid Bounty Hunters

A GTA Online player channels Metal Gear’s Snake as he eludes players seeking their bounty, evoking true tactical espionage action.

A Grand Theft Auto Online the player stealthily hid from players seeking to cash in their bounty, channeling their inner Solid Snake from Solid metal gear. With so many active players, it can be a bit difficult for some to conduct tactical espionage in GTA Online fictional open world of Los Santos, but some cautious players manage to sneak past others undetected. Aspiring mercenaries will need to look for more players when GTA Online published on next-generation consoles in March 2022.

While the Metal gear the series has been dormant since Metal Gear Survive, some fans of the Konami series seemed to have sneaked into GTA online. The eight-year-old Rockstar Games title is still going strong with new content released regularly. A vehicle-themed update arrived in July in the form of the Los Santos Tuners, which included new cars, races, and the LS Car Meet social center. However, some players are still having fun with systems that have been in the game since launch, such as bounties.

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One of those players is Redditor JayzRebellion15, who shared his tactical spy antics on the GTA Online subreddit. With their character disguised as Solid Snake, JayzRebellion15 hides from bounty hunters in an airport locker. Hilariously, the Redditor replaced the GTA Online HUD with a Metal Gear Solid 2 overlay in the video, even adding an iconic David Hayter Solid Snake vocal line when peeked behind the cover. Unfortunately, JayzRebellion15 had no cardboard box to squeeze into.

It looks like the locker had surprisingly excellent collision detection, allowing JayzRebellion15 to sneak in. The improvised hideout seems to have worked, like the sneaky GTA Online The player explained that they were being stalked by three players, one of whom was classified as CEO. “They surrounded me and landed on the roof since the bounty emblem was in the middle of the hangar on the map,” said JayzRebellion15. “The CEO understood that I was inside while the [regular players] ended up killing each other. I survived the CEO and escaped. It feels like a smart, alternative way to sneak around and deal with other players. Another GTA Online player pretended to be AFK to get the drop on their pursuers in another recent viral video, but simply hiding completely can work just as well.

Los Santos may be teeming with hideouts designed especially for stealth gamers looking to relive their favorite. Solid metal gear moments. However, as is the case with most things in GTA Online free roaming, it’s up to the players to find them. However, maybe Grand Theft Auto 6 could offer more stealth play opportunities to satisfy the imaginations of players like JayzRebellion15.

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GTA Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, and it will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in March 2022.

Source: JayzRebellion15 / Reddit

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