GTA Online Player recreates Ghostbusters, but with much more violence


Making good use of a custom white Vulcar Fagola as an Ecto-1, one GTA Online player managed to recreate a violent version of Ghostbusters.

With a custom Vulcar Fagola in tow as a makeshift Ecto-1, a Grand Theft Auto Online player has found a way to bring the ghost hunters to the open world sandbox. Users regularly find creative ways to implement pop culture references into Grand Theft Auto multiplayer suite. In October, for example, modders added Squid game challenges to GTA Online, with “Red Light, Green Light” being the most popular of these recreated challenges.

GTA Online has remained the must-have sandbox experience for many players over the past few years. While that’s, of course, thanks to the brand’s patented chaotic gameplay, Rockstar Games’ continued post-launch support also keeps users coming back for more. The most recent update with major consequences went live in July as Los Santos Tuners, a content patch focused on custom rides, car encounters, test tracks, and large races. speed. Los Santos Tuners also introduced eight Mini Heists, contract missions with generous payouts that players participate in by conversing with KDJ and Sessanta. Some of the update’s customization options are also put to good use, it seems.


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Over the weekend, Reddit user CringeBwah shared footage of a ghost hunters– the inspired video they created in Grand Theft Auto Online. And, yes, there is an Ecto-1 type vehicle involved. According to a subsequent CringeBwah post in the Reddit thread, the car in question was brought to life thanks to the Vulcar Fagola that gamers can find in southern San Andreas for $ 335,000. Its custom crisp white color and carefully placed red accents truly capture the essence of the iconic car. A gray jumpsuit completes the look, along with the player character’s Parachute / Proton Pack bag and laser guns, the latter of which have been added in GTA Online Arena War update in early 2019. Of course you can’t have any ghost hunters tribute without the musical theme. He stars in the video below in which a lot of violence and destruction is on display.

Barring the absence of ghosts and supernatural threats, the video above does a good job of bringing the world to ghost hunters To Grand Theft Auto Online. These types of fan-made creations continue to impress, showing that even relatively limited customization tools can make the experience quite interesting.

Rockstar’s plans for the sequel GTA Online remain secret at the time of writing. However, leaked details suggest that an upcoming update will feature a collaboration with Dr. Dre which will see the legendary producer and rapper reprise his role in the game to open a Los Santos-based production company. This information has yet to be confirmed by verified sources, without Snoop Dogg’s recent claim that Dre has spent time working on new music for the brand.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Source: CringeBwah / Reddit

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