GTA Online survey questions reveal possible plans for other Rockstar titles

Rockstar Games insider Tez2 recently shared a post on Twitter that shed light on an investigation Rockstar Games was conducting for some gamers, primarily regarding GTA+.

However, he also revealed that players have to choose which existing features they use the most and which they use the least.

They were also asked about two new features they would rather have, the first being the ability to fast and instantly travel around the map in GTA Online and the second being free access to classic Rockstar titles.

Both of these options caused a lot of excitement and concern among the fans who were looking for these two features in one way or another. Here is some additional information.

Rockstar Games may offer players an easier way to play classic GTA titles and more in the future

#GTAOnline The survey, received by some players, focuses on GTA+ Players are asked to choose which feature to use the most and which to use the least among the existing offers. Plus two new offers, – Instant Fast Travel around the map – Free access to classic Rockstar titles (Game Pass?)

In the aforementioned tweet, Tez2 mentioned the new match that Rockstar Games may introduce in the future. This option also clearly mentions that players can also get “free access” to older Grand Theft Auto games, meaning they won’t have to pay any extra money to get them.

Also, when it comes to GTA+, many other prominent figures in the community wonder if the features will come as a Game Pass-like service. Here’s another Grand Theft Auto insider’s take on the feature:

@TezFunz2 That’s very cool ! (not the fast travel thing) But if Rockstar wants to expand GTA+ into some sort of Game Pass service, wouldn’t it be better to rebrand the service with something like “Rockstar+” or “Rockstar Pass”?

In his tweet, Ben suggested that if Rockstar Games implements this feature in GTA+, they should rename the name to something more encompassing of the service, as the information clearly mentions all classic Rockstar Games titles and not just entries from Grand Theft Auto.

Therefore, titles like Bully, Red Dead Redemption, and Rockstar Presents Table Tennis can also be part of this feature.

Ben went on to predict that if Rockstar goes ahead with this feature, many of their titles will go up in price.

@TezFunz2 I expect a price increase if Rockstar wants to offer RDR2 and other classic Rockstar titles (GTAIV, DE, Bully, other PS2 classics, etc.) unless they choose to create different subscription tiers.

He also said that this supposed price hike would only be prevented if they used different subscription levels for this service.

Additionally, if this feature is implemented, it could also mean that many old Rockstar games that have yet to be ported to next-gen consoles could be remastered. So, players may be able to play Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption on new consoles like PS4 or even PS5.

Fast travel in GTA Online

@PabloEs16327111 “Ability to travel quickly and instantly around Los Santos and Blaine County for free,” is what players who responded to the survey told me. I think it would be more like picking a location and going through a loading screen to spawn there. Not really instant teleportation.

The other option was to add a fast travel feature in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, Tez2 later clarified that it could give players the freedom to spawn at any location they choose. If so, they may not be able to teleport instantly and will have to go through the loading screen to spawn in that particular location.

Rumors of this feature have sparked a lot of discussion among community members, as traveling in Grand Theft Auto Online is an integral part of gameplay. Therefore, many believe that if this feature is implemented, the vehicles in the game will become practically useless. A comment on this is given below:

@TezFunz2 @PabloEs16327111 RDR style Fast Travel messages would be a huge mistake for GTA, the map is smaller and the vehicles are faster, no reason to include ‘magic’. They could make the casino limo service and/or yacht helicopter a quick way to be picked up and delivered to any of your properties.

Moreover, a veteran player also talked about the teleport glitch which is already present in the game. So for them this feature is not as useful as for others.

@TezFunz2 @PabloEs16327111 You can already fast travel using the blue job icons. Start a job in one of them then cancel and you will be generated at the location of this icon. takes 10 seconds.

Again, this is just speculation as this is just a survey and Rockstar Games may only be collecting data so readers should take everything with a grain of salt.

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