GTA Online Swastika Art Proves Rockstar Needs Community Management

A Grand Theft Auto Online gamer recently spotted a custom vehicle with a swastika logo, which has caused many to question Rockstar’s community management.

A Grand Theft Auto Online The player recently spotted a swastika logo on a custom vehicle in-game, causing many to question the effectiveness of developer Rockstar Games’ community management. The Rockstar Games Social Club was introduced in 2013 when Grand Theft Auto V launched worldwide with lots of single player and online features that used the developer’s new platform. In addition to checking stats and saving in-game photos, players can create or join Crews with custom logos – which can then be added to in-game clothing or vehicles.

While Rockstar Games’ online counterpart Grand Theft Auto V has evolved enormously, GTA Online ongoing issues plagued the title for just under a decade. Over the years, mod menus and cheats have hampered lobbies, allowing hackers and cheaters to instantly craft items, harass other players, and even gain access to IP addresses to permanently shut down players from the game. Earlier this month, hackers completely hacked Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, planting entire lobbies of gamers with little or no protection against such actions. Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the situation or come up with a solution for players who want to keep online gaming clean.


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Posted on Reddit, user hampypampie shared a picture of a custom Grand Theft Auto Online armored vehicle sporting a swastika logo and similar color paint job. Although shocked to fall on the vehicle, the user further asked if Rockstar “Checks on Community directives” are still intact as of 2021. Although Rockstar Games permanently bans players for hate speech or hate symbols when they are reported, this GTA Online Crew and its logo appear to have flown over the developer’s radar. A user in the comments section of the post speculated that automated systems might have missed the Swastika logo due to its unfinished or altered appearance. That said, Rockstar has yet to confirm this theory.

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Rockstar Games is set to discontinue the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of RGT In line in less than two weeks. The servers will be shut down after years of frequent hacking on the seventh generation servers. After its last content update in 2015, the developers ceased the title transfer function in 2017; probably after hacking became a bigger problem.

Rockstar’s popular online game mode continues to see high traffic, and yet the studio doesn’t seem to be on top of its biggest gaming and community issues. Without proper supervision and strengthened community guidelines, these problems are likely to persist for years to come. Grand Theft Auto V officially released on next-gen consoles in 2022, so a similar migration for GTA Online could possibly happen again in the future. Hopefully before that, Rockstar will draw their attention to the current state of Grand Theft Auto online.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC

Source: hampypampia / Reddit

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