GTA Online Weekly Update Brings Additional Rewards, New Prize Race & Free Bikes

The end of the week is in sight, and here we are – another Thursday, bringing yet another weekly GTA Online update full of discounts to grab, rides to get behind the wheel, and bonuses up for grabs. The official Rockstar Games newswire with this week’s full rundown of goodies won’t arrive until later, but there’s no reason to wait when fans have already checked out what just uploaded. .

Tez2 posted their regular roundup of what’s new in Los Santos this week on Twitter and reveals that the latest GTA Online prize is the Jester RR three-door sports coupe, which you can grab by coming in the top three in Street Racing for Five. days at the trot. This week’s GTA Online podium vehicle is the Lectro Bike, which made its debut in the game as part of its 2015 Heists update. Also in the land of cars, this week’s Test Track wheels are the Dominator GTT, Calico GTF and ZR350.

Additional rewards for the new update are triple RP and GTA $ 2v2 mode, trucks versus cyclists Hasta La Vista, which also dropped with the Heists update.

You can also get double rewards on certain MC businesses – cannabis, document, and cash – right now, as well as bike races. Additionally, Tez2 reveals that there are free bikes on offer this week, but we’ll have to wait for Rockstar’s post for more details on that. Cared for.

Check out the articles below for this week’s series of discounts and offers:

Check out our recap of all the new GTA cars in the Los Santos Tuners update if you want to learn more about those, and find out how to join the GTA LS Car Meet by heading over to this link if you just got stuck in.

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