GTA Online Weekly Update Brings Back Cargo Rewards Bonuses

The weekly GTA Online update is officially here – it’s Thursday, after all. As Rockstar Games releases all of the official patch notes later today, the people of Los Santos tune in early when the update goes live to see what’s new for them. themselves.

If you’re looking to fundraise, you’ll want to get cozy and run some special cargo missions, as Rockstar has doubled the in-game cash and reputation points. If you’re unaware, these missions usually involve Pick up cargo at a location on the map and deliver it where it needs to go. These missions are usually done on the open world map of GTA Online, so expect risky situations unless you’re in a solo lobby.

If that’s not your thing, Rockstar has tripled the rewards on Sumo Adversary Mode (Remix) and Road Game Versus Mode. You also have double bonuses on Client Jobs and increased rewards on Sell Bunker Missions. If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, the GTA Online Prize Ride is the Zentorno, which you can nab after finishing in the top three in pursuit races for five consecutive days. Meanwhile, the GTA Online podium car is the Euros if you’re feeling lucky.

Here are the rest of the discounts:

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